Switch’s Big Brain Academy Update Adds Option To Remove Images Of Bugs

Switch's Big Brain Academy Update Adds Option To Remove Images Of Bugs

Switch’s Big Brain Academy Update Adds Option To Remove Images Of Bugs

Big Brain Academy’s Brain vs. Brain has a new patch that allows players to disable bugs and critters photos from appearing in rounds. There are many minigames available in Big Brain Academy. These require the player to answer a question as fast as possible. This may involve taking a photo of something real.

Fast Focus and Super Fast Focus allow you to piece together a photo or make it less blurry gradually. Each player must identify what is in the photo before the other players can. The Speed Sorting or SuperSpeed Sorting games give the players four photos to choose from and provide a list of guidelines. You could see an apple, dog, cat, or airplane in the photos. The question asks players to choose the best pictures based on the subject’s weight, from the lightest to the heaviest. Big Brain Academy players must race against each other to pick the correct order. One wrong guess can result in them losing.

Speed Sorting and Fast Focus have a new option in the latest Big Brain Academy patch. Official Nintendo website states that the Big Brain Academy 1.1.0 patch is now available. It has also added the Creepy Crawlies option to the options menu. This option prevents photos of frogs and butterflies, dragonflies and snakes, and snails appearing on Fast Focus and Super Fast Focus. It also stops photos of spiders and squids and octopuses, starfish, ants, flies, praying mantises, and caterpillars appearing on Speed Sorting or SuperSpeed Sorting.

The Big Brain Academy patch has made it easier to find the button to hide your age, added a display that tells players how to get a Ghost ID to play Ghost Clash, fixed a bug in which other players couldn’t move during Ghost Clash mode, and introduced several bug fixes.

This update is similar in concept to the Arachnophobia mode in games such as Grounded. It either stops spiders from appearing or alters their appearance to appear less real. Big Brain Academy requested this option. However, it is possible that parents were worried about the images. It is a party game, and some might find the images distracting.


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