Hideo Kojima Teases His Studio Is Working On Two Different Games

Hideo Kojima Teases His Studio Is Working On Two Different Games

Hideo Kojima Teases His Studio Is Working On Two Different Games

In an interview with Famitsu, Hideo Kojima suggested that his team at Kojima Productions worked on two games. Thanks to unsubstantiated rumors, rumors about Kojima’s next project_(s) have been swirling for months.

Another rumor is that the legendary designer has signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft to produce an Xbox title. Another suggests that Sony may be acting as a mediator to help Kojima or Konami reunite for a Silent Hill Revival. The Blue Box Game Studios conspiracy theory is a never-ending story. He has not confirmed or denied any of these claims. Kojima is not able to answer any questions regarding his plans. He often shares his passion for the horror genre and unique gaming systems. A recent interview might hint at some of Kojima Productions’ Metal Gear Solid creator’s secrets up his sleeves.

Hideo Kojima spoke with Japanese publication Famitsu via Wccftech to discuss Kojima Productions’ next ventures. In the translated version of the article, the developer mentions “big titles” and “new challenging titles,” which many have taken to mean that Kojima Productions is working on two more games. The Famitsu piece is about a group of creators with their “2022 aspirations,” Kojima also noted that the new year would be his first foray into entertainment media other than gaming.

Kojima’s remarks about expanding his wings beyond games are not surprising, given the recent launch of Kojima Productions’ film and TV division. The “big titles, new challenging titles bit is open to interpretation. He may have two games in development, but it is also possible that something was lost in translation.

Despite the finer points, this tease comes on the heels of Hideo Kojima, who shared a “Holiday Card” featuring artwork by his longtime collaborator Yoji Shirakawa. Three previously unknown characters were featured in the art, each wearing garb homaged to Kojima Productions iconography. There are many theories as to whether the three characters have any connection to the studio’s next major project.


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