Mission Impossible 4 Director Was Afraid Burj Khalifa Stunt Could Go Wrong

Mission Impossible 4 Director Was Afraid Burj Khalifa Stunt Could Go Wrong

Mission Impossible 4 Director Was Afraid Burj Khalifa Stunt Could Go Wrong

Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol Director Brad Bird revealed that he was worried that something would go wrong while preparing for the daring Burj Khalifa stunt. The Mission: Impossible franchise soared to new heights with Fallout. However, 2011’s ghost protocol was the one that launched the franchise on its current path, which is centered around death-defying stunts. Ghost Protocol is home to many memorable sequences. However, Tom Cruise’s climb up Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) is the most famous.

Cruise plays the role of Ethan Hunt, a superspy who tries to get to the secure 130th floor of Burj Khalifa. He climbs up the exterior of the building. Hunt climbs up the structure’s exterior using a pair of prototype gloves that allow him to stick to the glass. Hunt reaches the target room and must quickly return there with his companions. However, the prototype gloves fail, so he makes a rope and harness and then runs down the side. Cruise uses his harness to push himself out of the building and hurl him through the window where he began.

Bird talks to RadioTimes.com about the 10th anniversary of Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol in a new interview. He shares how his experience shooting the Burj Khalifa stunt kept him awake at night and the anxiety that accompanied it. Bird explained that Cruise was in real danger, as he was hanging from the top of the world’s tallest building. Bird has more to say about the situation.

“I recall waking up at two in the morning with a start and the thought that, if anything went wrong, this movie would be toast. It was Tom’s movie, and if anything happened, it was just toast. I was like, “What are we doing ?'”

Cruise is happy to put himself in death-defying situations. However, Bird had previously directed animated movies such as The Iron Giant and Ratatouille before joining Ghost Protocol. This meant that live-action stunts as large and dangerous as the Burj Khalifa sequence would have been quite an adjustment. The stunt was so dangerous that Cruise (as a producer) had to cancel his insurance policy. However, things went according to plan. The Bird praised the stunt team, saying, ” Fantastic, super safe people.”

Cruise is known for his stunts, but most of those who work with him emphasize that safety is his top priority. Mission: Impossible: Fallout featured Cruise performing a dangerous helicopter stunt. Cruise spent months training as a helicopter pilot to safely perform the stunt. This ensured that Cruise and his crew were safe. Accidents can happen, and even though safety protocols were in effect for the Burj Khalifa stunt, Bird was right to be concerned. It turned out that everything was fine, and Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol provided fans with one of the most exciting sequences in all of the franchise.


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