Surreal visual novel ‘milk inside a bag of milk’ has a sequel now: ‘milk outside a bag of milk’

The strangest visual novel I’ve ever seen was Milk inside a Bag of Milk. It was released on Steam in August 2020. It gave an intimate and melancholy view inside the head of a person. It’s an odd and disturbing game that alternates between clever words and providing insight into psychological trauma moments.

Milk inside is very brief and has sold historically for around a dollar. It’s one of the few games I’d call somewhat literary in that it’s the product of a single person, writer-designer-programmer Nikita Kryukov. Kryukov now has a sequel, which is much longer and costs nine dollars instead of one.

Both games are played inside and out of the head of one girl who is struggling with her life. Your task is to make her life a little more joyful, though it may be harder than you think.

The appropriately titled “Milk outside a Bag of Milk Outside a Bag of Milk” was released on Steam last month. It takes the original game’s psychedelic, dissociated narrative style, and writing style to the next level, with much greater variability every time you play. It begins when the last game is over.—add-unlimited-diamonds-no-survey—add-unlimited-diamonds-no-survey/c/qAzYND0XlCQ—how-to-get-free-cash—how-to-get-free-cash/c/Q4wcqt8Er2s

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