Berserk’s Art Has Never Looked Better in New Global Ad Campaign

Berserk's Art Has Never Looked Better in New Global Ad Campaign

Berserk’s Art Has Never Looked Better in New Global Ad Campaign

Berserk, the hit manga series, has published its forty-first volume. To celebrate, its art was featured on a global campaign. The ads for the new volume were published in three news outlets based in different countries. These ads feature artwork from the series.

Berserk was published in 1989. It is one of the most popular mangas of all time. Berserk is a dark fantasy series for men primarily aimed at adults. It was published in Young Animal, a seinen manga magazine. Berserk’s latest volume could be the last of the series, as it follows the death of Kentaro Miura, its mangaka, earlier this year.

Berserk has published its forty-first volume. The Asahi Shimbun and Le Monde all ran ads in celebration of the Japanese release of the volume on December 24th. It has been three years since the forty-eighth volume was released. As such, it has been a long time since fans could buy a new volume. Fans in the United States and France will wait for the translated manga volume. The ad campaign highlights the worldwide popularity of the series.

The Asahi Shimbun is one of Japan’s oldest and largest newspapers, published since 1879. Le Monde is a French newspaper that has been in print since 1944. The New York Times is a major newspaper in the United States. It was established in 1851. These publishers are well-known news sources in their respective countries. This makes it easy for them to reach millions of readers around the globe. This type of simultaneous publishing isn’t common in the manga industry. Berserk has earned it. Hakusensha (the publishing company for Young Animal) decided to run a newspaper campaign to “enable Miura’s penwork be reproduced to their maximum extent.” Although a digital campaign was possible, the company felt something tangible would move people more than digital image data.

This decision seems quite fitting, considering Berserk’s impact on its readers over the past 32 years. Hakusensha also hopes that the ads in these three newspapers will reach a wider audience, increasing Berserk’spotential readership. Each periodical featured a different advertisement image. The Asahi Shimbun and The New York Times ads used black-and-white ads to make a strong impact. Le Monde used a color image, and–similarly to The New York Times -also had a collage with artwork from the Berserk three_ series to communicate that it’s a manga series to those who first saw it. Hakusensha said that it was decided that no words were needed to convey the appeal of Miura’s artworks. The greatest strength of comics is their ability to tell stories primarily through art. Berserk is no exception. Dark Horse Comics will have the English translation of Berserk Vol 41 available in summer 2022.


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