Every Nicolas Cage Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Every Nicolas Cage Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Every Nicolas Cage Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Ranking every Nicolas Cage film from worst to best can be difficult, considering the Hollywood star has appeared in many films of different merit. Nicolas Cage is a cultural phenomenon. He has won numerous accolades, including the Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe. Cage’s latest cinematic effort, pig, received huge critical acclaim due to his exceptional and grounded performance.

Cage has a poor movie record due to his clunky and unconvincing stories and poorly-conceived straight-to-video films. Deadfall and Left Behind are three of the most prominent and Pay For The Ghost. These films can be considered unwatchable. It is important to note that Cage can portray complex, strong characters. As evidenced by his vengeful but still rousing rendition of Red in Panos Cosmatos heavy-metal valentine, Mandy.

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Cage’s films are not without fault, but they have some underwhelming performances. Here’s a list of every Nicolas Cage movie ranked, from worst to most. This will help you better understand his vast career and the many mistakes he made over the years. He has been a part of; this ranking does not include television appearances or short documentaries.

92. Deadfall


With a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 0%, Christopher Coppola’s Deathfall is viewed as a superficial attempt to imitate noir. Everything from the plot and characters can only be described as terrible. Deadfall, an original crime drama, is about Joe Donan (Michael Biehn), a con artist who attempts to find alike to help him carry out a sting operation after his father’s death. Cage portrays Eddie King in the film Arsenal. Biehn also reprised this role in 2017. The movie, however, failed to impress critics due to its cliched narrative.

91. Be left behind


Left Behind, directed by Vic Armstrong, is based upon the eponymous book by Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins and stars Chad Michael Murray and Nicky Whelan. Left Behind has received a lot of criticism from critics and the public, mainly due to its wooden performances, shoddy script, and slow pace. Left Behind is a film that has tarnished Cage’s once-flourishing, commendable filmography.

90. Grand Isle


Another incredibly underwhelming Cage film, Grand Isle, is about Buddy (Luke Benward), a young man accused of murder and must prove his innocence before it’s too late. Cage plays Walter, a Vietnam vet who is haunted by his past. This 2019 action thriller features Cage. Although Cage gives a solid performance as Walter, Grand Isle fails to stand alone due to its weak plotline, predictablee twist, ands unpredictable end.

89. 211


Another terrible direct-to-video offering is 211, a crime-action film by York Shackleton. 211, which is set in Chesterford, references the police code for bank robbery. The film follows a bank raid that goes wrong. Cage plays Mike Chandler, a sloppy patrolman who does little to save a messy plot and cast of characters. David Ehrlich, Indiewire dubs 211 an “inept Heist Film,” while many other critics call the film disjointed or uninspiring.

88. Paradise trapped


Trapped In Paradise is George Gallo’s Christmas-themed comedy. Cage plays Bill Firpo in New York City, while Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey are the supporting cast. Although the film received mostly negative reviews, some audiences and critics credited Lovitz’s performance for the film’s watchability. Cage delivers a somewhat mediocre performance. Trapped In Paradise is unfunny, too sentimental, and too on-the-nose with its goofiness.

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