New Haunted Chocolatier screenshots show off ghosts conducting sweets science

Haunted Chocolatier is the Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone’s next game. It is still in development. Barone enjoys sharing little glimpses of his work, as he does with Stardew Valley updates. He posted some screenshots of the Candy Shop and Town Sim over the holiday. We were treated to some fresh, chocolate-making ghosts and a school bus transformed into a vegetable plot.

Barone is keen to keep the details close to his chest with Chocolatier but stated on December 25 that he does not want to be completely silent while he works. He wrote, “I still want you to check in and let all of you know that I am working hard on this game and making progress.”

Barone mentioned that Chocolatier still has many core elements, as he said when he first announced the game. Barone wants to keep many surprises, but let’s not forget about the sweet new screens.

In the trailer’s reveal, we previously saw cute ghosts helping the player set up their chocolate shop before the customers arrived. Your ghostly friends will also be helping in the chocolate labs. This room looks more like a place for experimentation than the kitchen in the mansion we saw. The two-item slots in the middle could be used to synthesize ingredients.

Barone shared two additional screenshots on January 1: A spooky-looking home on a snowy hill and a school bus with its roof transformed into a plot of land. The inside of the bus looks like it might have been converted into a shop. Curious!

Barone’s Christmas Day post includes some character portrait expressions of Burk, the weaponsmith that we saw in Chocolatier’s reveal trailer.

Barone said these are just guesses in October’s post about Haunted Chocolatier so that things could change. Chocolatier has not yet released date or a year, so we will need to be patient as these sweets temper.

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