Every Skyrim Crossover Appearance In Other Games

Every Skyrim Crossover Appearance In Other Games

Every Skyrim Crossover Appearance In Other Games

Skyrim is one of the most popular RPGs ever, leading to many crossovers with other titles. Skyrim is a classic RPG due to its captivating story, stunning landscapes, and engaging gameplay. Many games have paid tribute to Skyrim over the 10 years that it was released.

Multiple video games include references to Skyrim. These references can be hidden in corners and crevices or hidden in the dialogue of obscure NPCs. Some titles in the fantasy genre also seamlessly incorporate nods to the fifth Elder Scrolls game. But they aren’t the only ones. Sci-fi shooters and action games set in contemporary times have paid tribute to Skyrim with well-known catchphrases and memes that invoke memories of Bethesda’s beloved title.

These SkyrimEaster Eggs crossovers weren’t all official. Some crossovers were made in close collaboration with Bethesda. This added polish gave the project an extra level of polish. These references are almost always in the form of well-known items, names, dialogue lines, jokes, and memes that all those who enjoy the game know. These Skyrimcrossovers are something many might have missed when playing other games.

Far Cry 4’s Bucket On-Head Skyrim Joke
Ubisoft’s fourth installment in the Far Cry franchise might place the player during a civil war, but the FPS game retains a sense of humor. The aftermath of a massacre is hidden in a mountain cottage. One of the bodies is covered in an arrow and has a bucket on its forehead.

The arrow refers to Skyrim’s famous line “arrow in the knee,” but the bucket is a unique reminder of the game’s funnier aspects. Skyrim allows players to steal items and get away with them, provided they are not being observed by NPC’s. NPC’s won’t see the contents of a bucket or basket if they are placed over their heads. Far Cry4 doesn’t forget the ‘hoodwinking shopkeepers’ metaphor.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood has a Dragonborn Easter Egg
This standalone prequel to the action-adventure FPS shooting series Wolfenstein (also produced and published by Bethesda) stands on its own with an immersive storyline and blood-pumping thrills. However, a cheeky Skyrim reference is found in the first mission. It is hidden in a small, unassuming crate, and many players won’t notice it. However, the Iron Helmet of Skyrim’s player character is The Dragonborn. Although it is the most fragile helmet in the game, the Dragonborn’s helmet can be recognized by all fans.

Fallout 4 has its own “Arrow in the Knee” joke.
This fourth installment of Bethesda’s Fallout franchise features a darkly post-apocalyptic setting where the player must survive in a hostile, war-torn world in classic RPG style. Fallout 4’s many references to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim provides some much-needed humor. A sneaky Easter egg that many will overlook is the appearance of the Iron Helmet in the bottom-right corner on the Taboo Tattoos Issue #12 cover.


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