Goldeneye 007 Xbox Achievements Leak Online Suggests A Future Revival

Goldeneye 007 Xbox Achievements Leak Online Suggests A Future Revival

Goldeneye 007 Xbox Achievements Leak Online Suggests A Future Revival

New leaks suggest that GoldenEye007 is making its long-awaited and grand return via a new Xbox version. GoldenEye is one of the most loved movie tie-ins and is still regarded as one of the greatest James Bond games. It is a part of many gamers’ childhoods and, if this leak is true, it may be back.

Rare was at one time working on an Xbox 360 remake of GoldenEye. Although the game was meant to be faithful to the original, it fell apart because of rights issues. Activision used this opportunity to remake GoldenEye with Daniel Craig taking over the role of James Bond. Although it was similar to other Bond games, Activision had published to tie in Craig’s films. It still received positive reviews from critics. It was not as popular as the original, but some viewers still accepted it.

It would appear that the beloved game is returning in its original form. The GoldenEyein 2020 has generated some momentum, and the game’s achievements have been published on True Accomplishments. Art achievements seem to suggest that it is a port of the original and could even be Rare’s canceled remake. Also listed the game as an Xbox One release. However, it is not clear if the game will be available on other platforms such as PlayStation or Nintendo. Wario64 found art for the game. The fact that achievements are showing up on Xbox’s servers could indicate that the release and reveal are near.

Although Rare and Xbox will probably wait for the official announcement, it’s still an exciting prospect. The GoldenEye remake was canceled with online multiplayer. It seems probable that the new version will include some online play if it ever sees daylight. Rare is not known if they have done significant new work on this remake. The original was close to completion.

Although things like resolution and FPS have likely been updated to conform to 2022 standards, it will not look like a new release. Modern consoles may finally allow those who want to go back in time to the glory days of the original GoldenEye can do so.

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