Dead by Daylight drops Leatherface masks over blackface complaints

Behaviour Interactive will take The Cannibal’s unlockable face out of Dead by Daylight’s next mid-chapter update. This is in response to complaints that they were being used as a way to harass players with racist remarks.

In 2017, Dead by Daylight added the Cannibal to its game. The Cannibal has the ability unlock the faces of Dead by Daylight’s original four survivors by sacrificing them 25x. He can then use those faces to make a grisly cosmetic. Claudette, one of the survivors, is a Black woman. This led some viewers and players to complain about how the game enabled blackface.

This cosmetic has been used to racially abuse Black players on livestreams. “Tunnelling” is a technique that involves ignoring all other players in the game to concentrate on one survivor, even if it’s strategically detrimental.

There are many complaints about the mask. This Reddit thread asking for advice is almost a year old. Behaviour Interactive finally resolved the problem by removing all unlockable masks from their game.

The studio released a developer update that stated, “Members have shared their experiences dealing with people harassing and targeting them while wearing some of these masks.” These reports were very disheartening and we strongly condemn such behavior. These masks can be used to spread hatred and we don’t like them. We will remove The Cannibal’s unlockable face in the upcoming Mid-Chapter.”

As compensation, any Dead by Daylight player that used The Cannibal before the update was released will receive 6,000 Iridescent Shards. This is an in-game currency that can be used to buy Teachable Perks at the Shrine of Secrets.

The announcement has caused some backlash. There have been a few negative Steam reviews and Reddit comments. There is also support from content creators as well as Behaviour Interactive employees. Eric Bourdages (the creator of the masks) stated on Twitter that he was “glad they’re being removed.”

I am the artist behind the bubba-masks and it is a great relief that they are being taken down. It would have been cool to have an Easter egg for all survivors. It is a fact that many people used them in dangerous ways. Please treat other gamers with respect, regardless of the game.–Money-Hack–Hack–Card–Generator–generator

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