Halo Infinite: Secret Mid-Credits Scene Uncovered By Dataminers

Halo Infinite: Secret Mid-Credits Scene Uncovered By Dataminers

Halo Infinite: Secret Mid-Credits Scene Uncovered By Dataminers

Halo Infinite campaign players were left with many questions. However, one data miner found a removed clip that teases the franchise’s future. On December 8, the open-world Halo Infinite campaign received a mostly positive reception. Master Chief’s next chapter was in high anticipation, with the multiplayer mode launching nearly a month before the story mode.

Many fans were hesitant to accept the announcement that the Halo latest game would be open-world. This was a series that is known for its linear, expansive levels. Open-world games allow players to explore the map and find enemy bases to be converted into friendly outposts. You can also track down and collect items from Halo Infinite’s map. Many players have completed the story and eaten every bit of the game, even the hidden Halo Infinite sandwich. Data miners hungry for new Halo content have been looking through the game’s source code and have found something.

YouTuber Gamecheat13 found a short clip featuring Master Chief and The Pilot, removed from the game’s source code. Reddit user Space_Dorito reveals the modder’s finding. It shows the characters receiving a mysterious friendly signal from their ship’s communication system after the end of Halo Infinite. The clip was originally intended to be used as a middle-credit scene. The clip shares many similarities to the game’s opening cutscene, where Master Chief was introduced to The Pilot. This scene sets the stage for the rest of the game’s events. Surprisingly, the quality of the clip is very similar to the final game. This indicates that the clip was taken from the game at a late stage of development. Halo fanatics speculate as to why.

Sometimes, the game’s code can contain ideas that won’t see the light of the day. However, it can give fans a peek at upcoming features that may be available after more time has been spent developing them. 343 Studios previously stated that they would prefer to see Halo Infinite develop rather than the number of Halo successors. Although the clip removed does not give any specific details, it provides a transitional video for future updates or DLC. This could include Master Chief joining Master Chief for the eagerly awaited Co-op campaign update or possibly new missions.

After the Halo Infinite delay, developers had more time to improve the visuals and create the game they wanted. Many features had to be reduced due to time constraints. IGN reported that Halo infinite’s map is 1/3 smaller than the original plan. 343 Studios promises a cooperative campaign mode in the final product. This is the most prominent cut. The video clip Gamecheat13 found seems like a great way to introduce Master Chief’s co-op partner.

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