Wonder Woman Game Could Be DC’s God Of War (Theory)

Wonder Woman Game Could Be DC's God Of War (Theory)

Wonder Woman Game Could Be DC’s God Of War (Theory)

Although very little information is available about the new Wonder Woman game is possible that DC could use the characters’ connections to Greek mythology to make their own God of War-style mythological action game. Fans have been trying to figure out the new Wonder Woman title since its announcement at The Game Awards 2021. Many fans believe the game will be a remake of the Wonder Woman movie and take place during wartime. Others hope that it will follow her experience with the Justice League and have her work alongside other DC superheroes. It may be more exciting to see the game focus less on the story and more on her Greek mythological ties. The game will become DC’s God of Wargames.

Although very few details or story elements are known about this game, Wonder Woman will feature the Nemesis system popularized by Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and Middle Earth Shadow of War. The Middle Earth games utilized the Nemesis system for giving regular orcs and their leader’s personalities that could change based on player interactions. This allowed them to evolve and become one of the player’s enemies. It would be interesting to see Wonder Woman using this system with boss enemies from the comics like Ares. Combining the Nemesis system and some of God of War’s epic boss battles could result in some of gaming’s most exciting boss fights.

Although Wonder Woman is not from Greek mythology herself, her roots are in that world. She is part of the Amazonian tribe, a group of warrior women. Her mother, the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta, was her father, and she often appears in classical Greek stories as a foe to Heracles. Many of Wonder Woman’s villains, such as Circe, are also based on Greek mythology. This includes Ares, the Greek god of war. Wonder Woman’s oldest enemy, Ares, first appeared in 1941’s Wonder Woman #1, where he was the embodiment of evil and Wonder Woman’s polar opposite.

Wonder Woman Could Be DC’s God Of War
Wonder Woman is stocked with many mythological creatures and Wonder Woman’s many villains. This allows it to grow from a single game to a series that spans multiple consoles, much like God of War. This is especially true for Wonder Woman, which can replicate large-scale boss battles that allow players to feel like they live a Greek mythology story.


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