Following developer harassment, Battlefield 2042’s toxic subreddit may go on lockdown

A Battlefield 2042 spokesperson posted a tweet that led to a social media dogpile. This could lead to the shutdown of the official subreddit. EA global communications director Andy McNamara informed fans, in now-deleted tweets, that Battlefield is only now returning to work after a holiday break following criticisms from DICE regarding communication and patches.

“Guys, people gotta rest. McNamara stated that although we have some things in motion, we need to find out what is possible. Let’s get back from break, and get back to work. These expectations are not only unreasonable, but I love you guys. It takes time to plan, design, and then execute the things you desire.”

While some replies were understanding, others ridiculed McNamara and declared that DICE had released a broken game. Battlefield 2042 is buggy but functional, and some people find it quite fun. After the BF2042 Subreddit shared the tweets, a post titled “EA/DICE finally Responds to the Backlash” received over 10,000 upvotes with 2,000 comments. McNamara deleted his tweets and replaced them with an apology to McNamara for not being clearer in his message. Fans also took issue with McNamara’s tweets.

One response reads, “We wanted to finish the game.” I am sorry for being unreasonable. This unfinished buggy sh*t seems to be all you can make.

Another said, “If you did something wrong at work, I will work until it is fixed.” The game is only 20% complete, but I paid 100$. You are taking long vacations. Don’t take on the game developer job if it is too difficult.

Battlefield 2042 has had an especially rocky relationship since its launch in November. There were tens of thousands of negative reviews of Battlefield 2042 on Steam immediately after the game launched. Many of these complaints cited launch bugs and dissatisfaction at 2042’s most significant changes, including replacing classes with specialists and losing a traditional scoreboard.

DICE released several blog posts detailing planned changes in the weeks that followed. Some of these included returning “legacy” features that fans had been asking for. DICE also deployed three major patches to address early balancing issues (RIP overpowered hovercrafts). DICE stated that Update 3.1 would be the final update for 2021. They also noted that they would take a break at the end of December and then return to the game in the new year.

A community feels betrayed by Battlefield 20,42 and reacts to McNamara’s tweets. It was ready to accept his comments as a defense for the entire game. These were yet another grievance to add to an ever-growing list of legitimate complaints, questionable accusations, and very specific nitpicks (“no swelling crescendos of dramatic music at match’s end”), read one Steam review.

The BF2042 subreddit mod teams published a post today, seemingly prompted by the recent dogpile. It contained a request to the community: Be less toxic or don’t post.

The post states, “It’s an understatement to say that this subreddit… has grown incredibly toxic.” It’s almost impossible to have a conversation without insults being thrown at each other. This is starting to hurt the Battlefield community and all of us who are part of it.

The announcement also lists some possible futures for the subreddit. If there is no toxicity, the mods will immediately lock comment threads. Mods will lock down the entire forum if toxicity rises.

The post states that “Yes, we consider the two last options to be nuclear and don’t want them to be used, but we have stated we will do everything we can to reduce the current toxicities.” The nuclear option is not something that gaming subreddit mods are considering before. Mods temporarily closed Halo’s subreddit last month after a flood of complaints and harassment from developers about Halo Infinite’s poor monetization.

People are still playing Battlefield 20,42. I am one of those people who still enjoy it, even in short bursts. I am also looking forward to more maps and specialists. DICE released a teaser for what might be a new map in Season One. (I see a beach).–Generator

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