Marvel’s New Phoenix Could Be More Powerful Than Jean Grey

Marvel's New Phoenix Could Be More Powerful Than Jean Grey

Marvel’s New Phoenix Could Be More Powerful Than Jean Grey

Marvel Comics”’ Avengers’ latest issue teases that Maya Lopez may be more powerful than Jean Grey to serve as Phoenix Force’s new host. Maya Lopez, chosen by the Phoenix herself, is still learning in her new role. The arrival of the Dark Phoenix from another reality is a significant test by fire. Maya has to accept her new abilities more than ever. Her pre-existing abilities could be what makes her the Marvel Universes’s most powerful Phoenix host.

After being killed by Namor in the Avengers’ Phoenix Tournament storyline, Maya Lopez’s Echo was selected to be the next Phoenix. Maya, who rose from the ashes after that defeat, has become one of the Avenger’s most powerful heroes, and they’re most volatile. The Phoenix power is dangerous and corruptive. It manipulates its hosts to destruction rather than its ability to create. Avengers #51 by Juan Frigeri and writer Jason Aaron features Maya using her original abilities alongside her new abilities to fight a trio on Asgard of Alt-Reality villains along with Thor and Iron Man.

The new issue features Erik Killmonger in Asgardian Destroyer armor and a berserker Wolverine attacking Thor and Iron Man. Maya attempts to stop the Dark Phoenix. Although Echo seems unable to handle the Phoenix with more experience, Echo combines her photographic reflexes and her fiery new abilities, creating that replicates the abilities of Wolverine and Thor. Maya is potentially more powerful and unpredictable than Jean Grey because she has both power sets. She certainly takes the Dark Phoenix by surprise.

Maya, as revealed in the issue, had begun to look at the Avengers’ database on all the possible cosmic beings that could kill the Phoenix. This allowed her to copy and memorize their abilities. Although this makes her stronger, she intends to create a contingency if she needs to fight the Phoenix. It doesn’t matter; she is fighting the Phoenix from another reality.

Although Maya’s battle against multiversal foes like Iron Man and Thor is not over yet, it seems that she has helped level the playing field. These alt-reality foes represent just a few of the larger Multiversal Masters of Evil gathered to take down many Earths and their Avengers. Although Maya Lopez’s Phoenix is only scratching the surface of her capabilities, it will be fascinating to see how she develops and becomes more powerful than Jean Grey.


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