Umbrella Academy Season 3 Character Posters Introduce the Sparrows

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Character Posters Introduce the Sparrows

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Character Posters Introduce the Sparrows

Season 3 character posters for the Umbrella Academy have been released. They introduce each member of the Sparrow Academy. Based on the comic book series by Gabriel Ba and Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy Netflix series is about seven superheroes. The series follows seven adult Hargreeves brothers to save the world. Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted the seven Hargreeves from a group of 43 children with special abilities. The Umbrella Academy ran for two seasons, and a third season is planned.

The details regarding the third season of Umbrella Academy are still very sparse. Season 3 of Umbrella Academy has yet to be released. It’s been almost a year since season 2 premiered. The cast confirmed that Umbrella Academy season three had been completed. Netflix also confirmed that season 3’s episode titles were completed and that season 3 will be released sometime in 2022. These small teases aside, Netflix seems to be trying to fix the situation.

Netflix released character posters for each member of the Sparrow Academy. After season 2, the Sparrow Academy was briefly shown. The actors and members of Sparrow Academy were confirmed after the season. These posters are the first time fans have seen these actors in their Sparrow Academy roles. See the posters below.

The Sparrow Academy was briefly introduced in season 2, when the Umbrella Academy returns to the present, after a brief stint in the 1960s. Their antics in the 1960s seem to have caused a change in timeline. Sir Reginald Hargreeves founded the Sparrow Academy instead of the Umbrella Academy. Their brother Ben, who was previously deceased, is still alive and a member of the Sparrows due to the timeline change. The Sparrows will be portrayed by Justin Cornwell (Marcus), Justin H. Min(Ben), Britne Olford (Fei), Jake Epstein, Alphonso), Genesis Rodriguez (“Sloane”), Cazzie David (“Jayme”), and Existential Dread Inducing Psykronium Cube (“Christopher”). These character posters show each actor in costume and character from the eyes.

These character posters show the Sparrows’ unique atmosphere. This group is a lot rougher and more hardened than Umbrella Academy. While numbers 3 and 4 have very noticeable scarring on the faces, number 3 is more mysterious than 4, while 4 looks more frightening. The most intriguing thing about Christopher’s poster is his close-up view of the nonhuman Sparrow Academy member. Christopher, a telekinetic cube, is loved by the Academy and treated as a family member. The poster suggests something supernatural or extraterrestrial. This raises the question of whether all 43 Sparrows are part of the same group. Umbrella Academy’s character posters provide a welcome to the Sparrow Academy members. However, they do so in a way that does not shroud them in mystery and creates more anticipation for season 3.


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