Berserk’s Version of Zoro’s One Piece Sword Style is More Ridiculous

Berserk's Version of Zoro's One Piece Sword Style is More Ridiculous

Berserk’s Version of Zoro’s One Piece Sword Style is More Ridiculous

One Piece’s most famous feature is Zoro’s three-word style. He holds a sword in each of his mouths, but it’s nothing like Berserk’s Guts. Zoro was stunned by the Black Swordsman’s desperate moves. He is known for being one of manga’s most determined fighters.

Zoro was introduced in One Piece’s third chapter by Eichiro Oda. He quickly became a symbol of the web. He was one of the original recruits to Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates and has been a constant fighter for the team. He can hold one katana in each of his hands and one in his mouth, so he doesn’t have to worry about slaying anyone who poses a threat. Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is a stark contrast. Guts have a burning hatred of demons and will go to great lengths to kill anyone that stands in his path. One manifestation of Guts’ hatred is his sword, the Dragon Slayer. Although exact measurements were not released, it is estimated that the sword measures approximately five to six feet in height and weighs over four hundred pounds. It’s a minor miracle that Guts can swing the sword, but some of the miracles he accomplishes with it go beyond the realms of normal.

Berserk’s fourth Chapter of the Guardians of Desirearc shows Guts’ determination against a slug-like demon. Once known as the “Count,” the slug-demon almost completely loses all semblance when facing Guts. The slug-demon us can fight but cannot match the Count’s monstrous forms. The Count’s daughter, released from her room prison, arrives just as the demon is about to strike. Guts quickly take her hostage. Guts release a cannonball out of his prosthetic arm as the Count gets closer. Guts give it one more shot, as the monster is in pain. Guts does what he can, even though his hand is too broken to hold his sword. Guts uses his prosthetic arm to support himself, and takes Dragon Slayer into his mouth. He swings it and kills the Count.

Guts is distinguished from other manga swordsman by Miura’s insistence on weight and consequences for every action. Although it might seem impossible to swing a four-hundred-pound sword in real life, every sword swipe feels powerful, and that is even more apparent in this moment. The Dragon Slayer’s sheer weight and strained expression of Guts convey how amazing this is. Although Zoro’s three sword styles in One Piece are impossible, katanas usually weigh 2 and 3 pounds. Guts’ sword is literally two hundred times heavier than that.

The situation has a touch of irony. One Piece should be able to handle a moment like this. The artistry of Berserk makes it work perfectly. Berserk’s topping One Piece just further proves Kentaro Miura’s incredible talent.


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