DC Comics Artist Has Art Stolen and Made into NFTs

DC Comics Artist Has Art Stolen and Made into NFTs

DC Comics Artist Has Art Stolen and Made into NFTs

Liam Sharp, a comic book artist, has had his artwork stolen and made into NFTs for profit. Sharp posted about the theft via Twitter and announced that he would shut down his DeviantArt account.

NFTs were a hot topic in 2021. This confused and intrigued both comic book readers. Non-fungible tokens can be used to protect a digital file. It cannot be duplicated and gives it significant value. NFTs are just beginning to be popularized, and fraud is inevitable. Liam Sharp, DC Comics’ artist, has had his work stolen. His work is well-known for titles like The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman: Rebirth, The Green Lantern, and Batman: Reptilian.

Sharp recently posted Twitter under @LiamRSharp, to disclose that some of his work was stolen and sold as NFTs. Sharp discovered the issue via DeviantArt and admitted that he had difficulty resolving it. Sharp’s gallery is still online, despite his intention to close his account after 14 years of being an active user.

The thread was a thank you from the Batman artist, who wrote, “I love @DeviantArt and have been there since 14 years. They are not wrong, and I have no choice but to accept them. I was more upset about the theft than anything. Thank you to all who remained civil. I don’t intend to incite hate, and I encourage civil discourse. As anyone who follows me will know, there is a lot to take in. Be well, be kind, and happy holidays em>. Sites like DeviantArt will need to recognize the possibility of copyright claims and lawsuits. The new year will see NFTs as the center of news stories, likely because they have been stealing art from large companies such as DC Comics.

Sharp was initially not allowed to claim his DeviantArt work as his own. This was because DeviantArt had incorporated a flawed test that prevented such theft. While NFTs remain a source of controversy for many creators, there is some hope that artists will have more authority in the future. The galleries of comic book artists Liam Sharp are still vulnerable to theft.


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