My Hero Academia’s Creator Celebrates the Year of the Tiger With New Art

My Hero Academia's Creator Celebrates the Year of the Tiger With New Art

My Hero Academia’s Creator Celebrates the Year of the Tiger With New Art

Creator of My Hero Academia Kohei Horikoshi is celebrating the beginning of what he hopes will be his last year of working on the series. He has a new sketch that focuses on a few surprising characters.

Horikoshi, like other mangakas, has developed a habit of sharing themed sketches that celebrate holidays. This gives a different perspective on some familiar characters. Horikoshi shared an earlier sketch of the core League of Villains members, as well as an image of Ochaco and Bakugo delivering Christmas presents to Hawks. A sketch was also made for ShoneJump’s’s annual convention Jump Festa.

The colored sketch of the New Year was posted by the official My Hero Academia Twitter account. The image shows Fat Gum, a professional hero, alongside Tamaki Amajiki and Clas1-A’s Eijiro Kishiima. In recognition of 2022 as the Year of the Tiger, all characters are dressed in eye-catching tiger stripes patterns.

While the previous sketches were focused on popular characters, this year’s artwork might leave some wondering. It turns out that the subject choice is not a joke. Fat Gum, an Osaka-based hero, is also his hometown. Hanshin TigersOsaka’s most famous baseball team is one of their best-known achievements. Fans will often wear tiger stripes to support their team, so Fat Gum is the most likely hero to have tiger-striped clothing. He is pictured with three students working as his work-study assistants, which was one of the most recent anime arcs.

It was a big year for the series, especially with thfilm’s’s debut, but it looks like 2022 will be My HerAcademia’s making-or-breaking year. Horikoshi sent a message at the Jump Festa event. It indicated that he intended to finish the manga by next year. This makes a 2022 release a possibility. Fans are nervous about the idea of an ending so close to the event. Many plot threads remain unfinished, and some are concerned about manga handling the long-anticipated UATraitor drama. Horikoshi said, however, that if the plowasn’t’t finished by Jump Festa, he would have the same message read. It seems that he is also willing to take longer than planned if the story requires it. Fans can, at least for the moment, take the good wishes of My HerAcademia’s’s Osaka heroine as a positive sign for the thseries’s’ progression this year.


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