GTA Online Player Rediscovers Ability To Watch Police Chases On The News

GTA Online Player Rediscovers Ability To Watch Police Chases On The News

GTA Online Player Rediscovers Ability To Watch Police Chases On The News

One Grand Theft Auto Online feature that was considered forgotten – which allows players the opportunity to watch others being chased or wanted by police on TV – has been rediscovered by a player. It is one of the biggest post-launch updates to GTA Online’s title. The Contract features several characters from Grand Theft Auto V, such as Franklin Clinton. GTA Online’s latest content expansion, The Contract, features the return of many Grand Theft Auto V characters, such as Franklin Clinton. It also includes a radio station, new music by Dr. Dre, and quality of life updates.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be Rockstar’s most beloved and popular title. The multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V receives major updates that provide new content and increase the game’s replayability. With an ever-growing player base, Grand Theft Auto V broke a record for the player count in 2020 and was Twitch’s most-watched video game of 2021. Due to the game’s continued financial success. It will be re-released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March. According to reports, the title will feature improved visuals and gameplay and features that extend the acclaimed Sandbox’s life until the next major installment.

Reddit user maksikjankowski shared several screenshots of what they believe to be an old Grand Theft Auto Online function that they just discovered. User a href= “”>maksikjankowski posted screenshots and images showing how players can see other players being chased on the news. Although the information is vague and unclear, other commenters have provided more details. They stated that the feature can be activated on TVs within Grand Theft Auto Online player homes or apartments – and can also be used to observe any character in the lobby or see how they react.

The “Wanted system is one of Grand Theft Auto’s core mechanics. It has been greatly improved with each subsequent installment. Although it originally had six starts and allowed players to bring in the military on the last star after they wreak havoc, this was removed in Grand Theft Auto V for immersive. However, the buff of its police officers saw them become more deadly than ever. However, Grand Theft Auto’s cops have been a highlight of the game. Players can still find distinct NPCs within each title.

Even years after their initial release, Rockstar offers new features and details in its titles, particularly in the Grand Theft Auto series. Curious players can spend hours looking through the titles and find new secrets. More information can be found when the title is re-released in 2022.


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