Impressive Pokémon PC Build Puts Red & Blue Starters Inside The Computer

Impressive Pokémon PC Build Puts Red & Blue Starters Inside The Computer

Impressive Pokémon PC Build Puts Red & Blue Starters Inside The Computer

Reddit user Pokémonfan shared a stunning PC build-themed after the beloved property. For many years, pocket monster fans have created amazing works of art, such as this Poke Ball made by an 82-year old grandfather. It doesn’t seem like the community will slow down anytime soon.

Pokemon has been captivating the hearts of fans for over 25 years. Many fans have fond memories of watching the anime and playing the original Game Boy games. Fans have created merchandise and artwork based on the many Pokemon characters and other elements from the franchise. People also use this inspiration to share their Pokemon takes. One fan even used Blender, a 3D modeling tool, to create a very realistic Pokemon named Dragonair.

1YardLoss shared their latest Pokemon-themed computer build on Reddit. This build includes figures of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, all of which are located just above the graphics card. Their respective elements on small platforms surround them. There are and Pokemon cards throughout the build. However, the original poster made sure to point out that these are not cards as rare cards can often cost quite a lot. The PC’s top has cutouts of all the starter Pokemon, as well as the very cool Ghost-type evolution line of Gastly and Haunter. They placed a Pikachu on one of the bottom fans. It looks like it might be using electricity to power the computer. The PC also has a Poke Ball containing different Pokemon figures and the Pokemonedition Game Boy Color. Although they didn’t mention the time it took to plan or build the PC, 1YardLoss managed to capture the various elements of the original Pokemon.

1YardLoss isn’t the only one to have a game-themed PC. They recently created a custom Resident Evil Umbrella Corp PC for a client. In the comments, they mentioned that customers could order them to build various themed PCs through their website. You can view a wide variety of builds on their website, from Sailor Moon-themed to one that is based on the Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre chain. Each build is well-executed and thought out. The Pokemon one example is no exception.

Pokémon has stood the test of time and attracts new fans of all ages. Pokemon fans allow people to share their passion and find a community that values their creativity. It seems that Pokémon will continue to inspire viewers for many more years.


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