Massive Minecraft Ravager Build Has A Whole Base On Its Back

Massive Minecraft Ravager Build Has A Whole Base On Its Back

Massive Minecraft Ravager Build Has A Whole Base On Its Back

One Minecraftplayer created a huge Ravager and built their base on top. Since the beginning of Minecraft, base building has been a staple of Minecraft. However, player bases have evolved to be more complex. Some bases can be completed in a matter of hours, while others may take several months to build. For example, the bases part of a Minecraft World was accidentally deleted after two years of hard work.

Minecraft players are creating bases, but they’re not the only thing that has been created lately. One player was able to create a full-size Republic Star Destroyer and place it in the sky above their universe. One player dug their Minecraft Hobbit pit to celebrate The Fellowship of the Ring and the 20th anniversary of the film’s adaptation. Other people have built huge statues of Spider-Man and Doc Ock. Others have made platypus mobs out of axolotls. The Registan of Samarkand, Minecraft was the most recent impressive build. It recreated Uzbekistan’s historical landmark with over 15 million individual bricks.

Another great Minecraft creation is from Nayakura8080, who created a huge Ravager as a platform to build their base. It includes a complex house with its bell and is connected to a watchtower of multiple stories with a huge diamond crossbow at the top of the Ravager’s head. The Ravager’s side is accessed via a lift up several sky gardens and a flagpole. It is huge, as nayakura8080’s screenshots show.

Although the build details are not detailed in the post, the Ravager is large enough to tower over the caves and cliffs of Minecraft. Nayakura8080 said the build was done in Creative mode with the WorldEdit mod and a shader package. It took them only two weeks to finish this build, despite its size and detail. The Ravager isn’t moving, and nayakura8080 doesn’t plan to make it available for downloads. It isn’t easy to convert saved files to distribute because of the differences in the game.

This Minecraft building has attracted a lot of attention compared to the anime classic Howl’s Moving Castle. Although it’s disappointing that no other players will download the build, it’s sure to inspire others to do so. Every week, the Minecraft community creates new and exciting creations.

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