2022 is here! It’s a new year! What are you looking forward to in Animal Crossing? New Horizons this year! Every Month has something to offer, whether it’s a Fishing Tourney, a Bug off, or seasonal collectables. This guide will help plan your year and keep you on track for what’s next.

Both events from the North and South Hemispheres will be included. It will also be noted if an event is unique to one hemisphere.

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The New Year’s Countdown kicks off the first Month of the new year with a bang. January also features the first Fishing Tourney and a Bug Off in the South. The Festive season comes to an end on the 6th.

Date Event Hemisphere
1st New Year’s Day Both
8th Fishing Tourney Both
15th Get rid of the bugs South Only

You may be able to see spectacular natural lights in winter skies if you are lucky.


It’s the celebration Lunar Year at the beginning of February. This Month also features Valentine’s Day and the Festival. The snow will finally melt in the north on the 25th. The final Bug Off for the south will be held later in the year.

Date Event Hemisphere
1st Lunar New Year Both
14th Valentine’s Day Both
19th Get rid of the bugs South Only
28th Festivals Both

So long, snow! We will see you in December!


The First Month is spring in the north and the First Month is in fall in the south. This Month is not very busy in either hemisphere. However, there are some special celebrations. These include Hinamatsuri and Shamrock Day. Nook Shopping has special items that can be purchased for these celebrations.


Many things are happening in April. For the first three days of April, the north will be able to enjoy the beautiful cherry blooms. In the second half, the south will be enjoying maple leaf. Another Fishing Tourney is worth your attention. You can also celebrate Bunny Day or Nature Day.

Date Event Hemisphere
1st – 10th Cherry Blossom Season North Only
9th Fishing Tourney Both
17th Bunny Day Both
16th – 26th Maple Leaf Season South Only
23rd-May 4th Nature Day Both

April is the Month of cherry blossoms, at least in the north.


Celebrate May Day at the beginning of the Month. The second half will be International Museum Day. Look out for mushrooms in the south this Month.

Date Event Hemisphere
1st – 7th May Day Both
All Month (1st-31st) Mushroom Season South Only
18th – 31st International Museum Day Both
Animal Crossing New Horizons MAY Day Guide (ALL PRIZES and Everything You Need To Know!) Locate ROVER

(Video by mayor Mori).


June means a Wedding Season for both hemispheres. Meanwhile, the north is enjoying its first Bug Off. Your island will receive snow if it is located in the Southern Hemisphere. In the meantime, summer shells will be visible on the beaches in the north.

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