Dexter New Blood Season 2: Everything We Know

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Dexter New Blood Season 2: Everything We Know

While Dexter: New Blood was originally marketed as a limited series of episodes, the end of season 1 left much more to be told, which opened up the possibility for season 2. Dexter Morgan: New Blood was a show reboot that brought back Michael C. Hall to play Dexter Morgan. This was to redeem the show’s infamous finale. New Blood brought back Harrison Morgan, his sister Debra Morgan and a few cameos from the original series to enhance Dexter’s new life in Iron Lake. It seems that the story of the titular character Dexter is over, but Harrison Morgan’s isn’t.

Dexter – Angela Bishop arrested new Blood Dexter for the murder of Matt Caldwell. Angela Bishop also suspects Dexter to be Miami’s Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter tried to escape from the police station and meet Harrison, but Harrison turned on him. Dexter shot Harrison for killing an innocent man and causing so many deaths. Dexter talked his son into pulling the trigger. After he was cuffed and had his hands clenched, Angela released Harrison.

The shocking and heartbreaking final twist in Dexter’s New Blood was unexpected, but it is the only way to end it. Dexter would not have been complete without Dexter Morgan’s passing. This was especially true when Harrison was still suffering from his sins. Thus, the title of the final episode, “Sins of the Father,” The ending does not mean that N is over. This is everything we know about Dexter: New Blood season 2. It includes whether Showtime has renewed it, which cast members may return and when the next episode will be released.

Is Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Renewable?
Although Showtime has not yet announced Dexter New Blood season 2, or a spinoff series of the show, there are high prospects for a return. Clyde Phillips stated (via ) that Showtime would allow him to return to the series with Dexter. New Blood season 2 will focus on Harrison, not Dexter. Dexter’s original series author Scott Reynolds also announced on Tweet that he would announce Dexter Monday morning. Many believe this will be the unveiling of an official spinoff. Reynolds was the Dexter episode 9 “The Family Business,” the most popular installment. This is an encouraging sign for the series. A second season or spinoff series seems inevitable, considering the huge popularity of Dexter New Blood’s Showtime reboot.

How Dexter: A New Series of Dexter’s Ending
The season 8 finale of Dexter was controversial. However, Dexter New Blood’s season one ending is ambiguous. This leaves room for a second season or spinoff series. Angela called Angel Batista to Iron Lake to confirm Dexter had been the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Harrison was killed. Angela then allowed Harrison to leave town while she blamed Dexter’s death. Dexter, New Blood season 2 is almost confirmed. There’s no word on Harrison’s whereabouts after his father’s death and whether Dexter will be confirmed as Bay Harbor Butcher. Although Dexter’s season 1 ended with the main character’s story, there’s still much to be told about Harrison’s future and the aftermath of whether Miami Metro will have closure in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Cast — Who Could Return?
The obvious return of Dexter season 2 or a spinoff would be actor Jack Alcott playing Harrison Morgan. He would then have to direct the series. Other possible returnees from Dexter New Blood’s first season finale include Julia Jones as Angela Bishop and Johnny Sequoyah playing Audrey Bishop. David Zayas played Angel Batista. Andrew Fama played Scott. David Magidoff was Teddy. Dexter season 10, which could bring back John Lithgow as a Trinity Killer appearance, may give Harrison more flashbacks to the death of his mother. It seems unlikely that Jennifer Carpenter, Debra Morgan’s fictional conscience, will return in Dexter.





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