Nightwing Easter Egg Continues Hilarious DC Writer Feud

Nightwing Easter Egg Continues Hilarious DC Writer Feud

Nightwing Easter Egg Continues Hilarious DC Writer Feud

A recent Nightwing comic contained an Easter egg that suggests that Tom Taylor, a writer for DC Comics, has recruited Bruno Redondo to help him in his ongoing war against Gail Simone. Taylor helped spread the accusations that Simone was a bear who had disguised itself as a human comic-book writer for almost two decades.

The Nightwing gag was the latest in a joke-filled feud between Taylor and Simone, who signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics. Both writers are known for their humor and have a large following on social media. They are often open to talking with fans and giving a glimpse behind the curtain to reveal the workings of the comics writing industry. Taylor made positive comments on Twitter about a suggestion from a fan that he write a story featuring Nightwing and Wally West Flash. Both heroes were long considered best friends but had not interacted much since Wally’s resurrection. Later, it was revealed that Taylor had already written a similar story. It will be published in Nightwing #90.

The Nightwing #87 Easter egg is the most explicit reference in-comic to the controversial rumors about Simone’s status as an ursine. Two posters were placed on the sides of Bludhaven’s Tolay Away building. They promote “The G. Simone Bloodfeud Show.” Under the headline “I’M DEFINITELY NO BEAR!” a large image of an angry brown bear is featured on the poster. The caption “appears to reference Simone’s Twitter profile which says “NOT EXACTLY A BEAR AT ANY GUYS.” It is hard to believe that Tom Taylor wasn’t responsible for the artwork, even though Nightwing artist Bruno Redondo created it.

Following a gag in which Tom Taylor gave Superman his pet bear, Gail, the Nightwing nod comes on the heels. This was the result of a subplot from Superman – Son of Kaleel 2001 Annual #1, in which Jonathan Kent saved a pregnant Polar Bear and moved her to the Fortress of Solitude. The incident was mentioned to his father via hologram, who agreed that Gail was “a great name for a bear.”

It is important to note that this is just a joke between two friends. Fans should enjoy the jibes between Gail Simone & Tom Taylor in their intended spirit. However, Nightwing fans should be on the lookout for similar jobs in the future.



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