X-Men Election Begins – Every Mutant You Can Vote Onto the New Team

X-Men Election Begins - Every Mutant You Can Vote Onto the New Team

X-Men Election Begins – Every Mutant You Can Vote Onto the New Team

Marvel Comics announced that the second X­Men election had been opened. This latest incarnation is quite different from previous ones. They are democratically elected by mutants of Krakoa, who were chosen as the greatest superheroes of mutant-kind. Marvel allows fans to vote online for the final member of the X-Men, so they have a lot to say in these decisions.

In 2021, Marvel offered a selection of mutants from the C- and D-list who would get their time in the spotlight. Polaris was the winner of the first X-Men elections. Gerry Duggan cleverly incorporated her into his current X-Men campaign. However, even though Marvel’s time scale is slipping technically means that the last election took place just a few weeks ago in-universe, they have recently started to promote a second X-Men vote.

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Marvel Comics now has the second X-Men Election, allowing viewers the opportunity to vote for another member of their team. This time, the candidates are unusual as Firestar has never been associated with X-Men. Several potential recruits are also from the X-Men’s younger teams – Penance, Generation X, and Contemporaries Armor Bling! Gentle, Gentle, and Surge. Avalanche and Gorgon and obscure size-changing hero Micromax (longtime X-Factor staple Siryn) are all eligible. It will be interesting to see how the votes turn out.

The X-Men election could create a continuity nightmare for Marvel Comics. The X-Men series is growing in popularity. A unique X-Men election was one of the highlights for 2021. This gave fans the chance to vote for the last member of the X-Men team. It was a huge success. It drove engagement online and inspired fans to campaign for their favorite characters. Marvel honored the election by giving all involved characters an increased presence in comics. They enjoyed the online love for Z-list mutants.

The X-Men were elected in-universe at Emma Frost’s Hellfire Gala – an event she planned to make an annual. It was assumed that an election would be held every Hellfire Gala. Marvel Comics just announced the 2022 X-Men election. No doubt, the publisher hopes lightning strikes twice and that fans will be equally excited about another chance to vote. They may not be aware of it, but they could have caused major continuity issues.

Marvel’s sliding timeline is the core problem. Marvel Comics are always set in “the universe outside your window,” which is the present. Comic book characters don’t age normally, so past issues will always move up in the timeline. For example, the genocide in Genosha occurred at the start of Grant Morrison’s X-Men run. This story was told in 2001. According to House of X 2, it occurred three years before Krakoa’s founding. This means that 18 years’ worth of comic book events can be reduced to 3 years in-universe.







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