Dragon Ball’s New Villain Couldn’t Make it In Naruto

Dragon Ball's New Villain Couldn't Make it In Naruto

Dragon Ball’s New Villain Couldn’t Make it In Naruto.

Dragon Ball Supernamed Gas has a new villain. He can conjure weapons from thin air and recently used that power against Granola, the Cerealian, like Naruto’s shurikenjutsu, but it’s ineffective.

Gas creates his first long spear and forearm-equipped double shields in chapter 79. However, he soon turns to kunai, which is his preferred tactic. Gas throws the kunai that he had originally held between his fingers, much like a typical shinobi would do in Naruto. Then he unleashes a steady stream of shinobi blades such as ki blasts. After the Cerealian has deflected them all, Gas switches to a huge wrecking ball, he thrusts it from above in a downward movement to preoccupy Granolah’s hand and force Granola to catch it above him. Gas uses the diversion to send 46 more kunai spiraling downwards into the debris after the ball explodes. Granola captures them all.

It seems that the villain Gas has relied on quality rather than quantity, despite having an inexhaustible supply of kunai. Itachi and Sasuke of Naruto have mastered shurikenjutsu, which involves throwing kunai with other hand-held weaponry. Itachi Uchiha is the best-known shurikenjutsu practitioner. His most basic technique surpasses Gas. The Naruto Shinobi throws two waves of kunai at targets, hitting them with the second to alter their trajectory.

Although Gas is strong due to the sheer number of kunai he conjures up, his technique is nothing compared to Sasuke, who created an equivalent skill for the Dragon Ball Super antagonist’s tactic with Lightning Flash Blade Creation. This allows him to draw a large amount of shuriken from his clothes and an overly long scroll, allowing him to make many shurikens. Sasuke can also guide his barrage of blades like Itachi using similar methods or resorting to the wire strings. These are just a few nature-infused blades like Uchiha Style Shirikenjutsu, which can be deadly.

Although it is a new concept in the Dragon Ball universe, warriors who prefer energy-based attacks to weapons and summon them from thin air aren’t very innovative in Naruto. Most Dragon Ball Super fighters are extremely powerful and don’t require complex tactics. They can use massive ki waves, beams, and blasts, which are all they need. Moro was briefly an exception to this rule during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga just before the dragon balls restored Moro’s magic, especially after Moro absorbed Seven Three.

In Dragon Ball, brute strength is the main theme, and winning often requires an insane amount of power. Gas introduced a new form of combat by conjuring different weapons. However, he still uses them as a typical hero and villain from that universe. There is no specific technique. He throws them in steady streams like ki blasts. The most complex use of his kunai was when he tossed them around a “50-chiaseed radius”. They all came from different places, but they all met at the same angle. Itachi was able to calculate the trajectory for his kunai using only the kinetic energy of certain blades. Granola may throw his enemies off the rails, but he must vastly improve his survival technique as a shinobi Naruto.

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