How Kevin Feige Got Andrew Garfield To Return As Spider-Man

How Kevin Feige Got Andrew Garfield To Return As Spider-Man

How Kevin Feige Got Andrew Garfield To Return As Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield tells how Kevin Feige convinced Garfield to return for Spider-Man. This was one of Hollywood’s most talked-about stories of the year. He was asked about his involvement in the film in almost every interview he did during 2021. He would always deny involvement in every interview. Now that the movie is out, Garfield can finally discuss what brought him back to Spidey and his iconic suit.

Fan theories began to swirl about the possibility that No Way Home would heavily feature the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s multiverse almost immediately after it was announced. This is especially after the success with Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. The first trailer for the movie, which featured the return of villains from Maguire’s Spider-Man trilogy and Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man movies, fueled speculation. It seemed more likely that the two wall-crawlers from Maguire’s em>Spider-Man Trilogy would return, but Garfield stated that he was completely uninvolved in the film’s making.

It turned out that this was not true. In what is arguably the most popular scene in the movie, the Spider-Men unite as one front to defeat their enemies. Garfield spoke with Variety about his return to the role of the wall-crawler and how Marvel Studios head Feige convinced him to do so again. Garfield said that he didn’t expect to be asked to return to the Spider-Man role, but that he was a huge fan of the character and couldn’t refuse the chance to do so because it allowed him to explore Peter Parker’s character like no other solo movies could. Below are Garfield’s comments.

I didn’t expect to have another conversation about Peter Parker. It was a great feeling to be a fan once again. This idea was brought up by Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige, and Jon Watts. It was obvious immediately. It was incredibly entertaining, spiritual, trippy, and thematically fascinating. As a Spider-Man fan, the mere idea of three Spider-Men together was enough.

It was very, very enticing. The pitch was appealing. They asked: “If you could play this character in your own way, what would you explore?” How would you react if you were forced into another universe?

We spoke a lot about mentorship. We spoke a lot about brotherhood and being the younger brother, older brother, and middle brother. It’s a wonderful thing to see someone you love to walk down a path you have already walked, but it doesn’t take you where you want to go.

This character is emotionally and physically isolated. What happens when this feeling of isolation is blown open? Do you realize that you are not alone and that your brothers are going through the same thing as you? This is a huge spiritual journey that you need to take. Then we just sucked all the joy we could.

Amazingly, Garfield managed to keep his mouth shut about’s ability to provide N and o Way Home’s release. This is particularly true compared to Tom Holland, who is known for giving away MCU spoilers during his press tours. Maguire was able to keep the secret a secret. No Way Home was not the only project he had in 2021. Therefore, he wasn’t subject to any interviews before Spider-Man. Garfield had to promote The Eyes Of Tammy Faye as well as tick… BOOM! over the past year. It seemed that every interviewer asked the same question about the web-slinger.

It didn’t take much convincing for Garfield to agree to the movie’s return. This move was a huge success in Spider-Man: No Way Home’s box-office numbers. It also provided some of the most memorable fan service moments that the MCU has ever seen. Although it’s not clear if the Peter Parkers from the past will appear in future Spidey films, eager fans should expect Garfield to reveal the details.



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