The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s New Sparrow Teases Explained

The Umbrella Academy Season 3's New Sparrow Teases Explained

The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s New Sparrow Teases Explained

The Umbrella Academy has released a series of new Sparrow teases in advance of season 3. The teases were posted to Twitter on January 1, 2022. They consist of halved headshot posters featuring the new Sparrow Academy members. Each has a cryptic caption. Even though The Umbrella Academy news has been quiet since then, social media speculation has not slowed down about what these clues might mean.

The Sparrow Academy was briefly shown after The Umbrella Academy Season 2, with Reginald Hargreeve’s (Colm Feore’s) alternative superhero team’s existence being a dramatic reveal. Netflix’s marketing team revealed the names of the Sparrow Academy members and the corresponding actors, although they were not yet revealed in the context of The Umbrella Academy series. Accordingly, the new Sparrow Academy will be made up of Marcus (Justin Cornwell), Ben. (the returning Justin H. Min), Fei. (Britne Olford), Alphonso. (Genesis Rodriguez), Sloane. Jayme. (Cazzie David), as well as Christopher.

Although there is no official confirmation, the latest Umbrella Academy tweet teases may be clues to the Sparrow Academy’s corresponding powers. Sparrow Academy #7’s caption states, ” Christopher Is a total square,”, which is a subtle hint to his literal physiology, as a Psykronium cube from the original Dark Horse Umbrella Academy Comics. Although other Sparrow Academy members are not as clear-cut, each caption seems to signify their power ahead of Umbrella Academy season 3.

The Umbrella Academy isn’t afraid to include outrageous and zany superpowers in its story. Sometimes, the Netflix series deviates from Gerard Way or Gabriel Ba’s original character designs. This is the Netflix series’ classic example of Luther’s (Tom Hopper) physiology. The Netflix series chose to have Luther transform via an injection of ChimpanzeeDNA rather than surgical splicing. Klaus (Mortal Engines’ Robert Sheehan), A.J. Vanya (Elliot Page), Carmichael (Robin Atkin Downes) and Vanya, (Elliot Page) are also significantly altered from their comic counterparts in terms of appearances and superpowers.

It’s not surprising that the Umbrella Academy’s 3rd season Sparrow teases hint to a new group of superhumans for them to deal with. Jayme is likely to cause fits of rage among her enemies, and Fei may be, According to the teasers, able to communicate with birds (and perhaps lose his eyes to them), according the teasers. It is possible that Sloane is able to fly, desptist nature. Jayme’s return to the Academy ranks will cause friction, although it remains to see if he is able to summon ghostly tentacles again as a power. Simply put, The Umbrella Academy has a history of imbuing its character’s bizarre abilities. Twitter teasers seem to point in that direction, with the combination of captions and posters seemingly pointing in that direction.

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