Vanguard Players Are Frustrated by Lack of Incendiary Nuerf

Vanguard Players Are Frustrated by Lack of Incendiary Nuerf

Vanguard Players Are Frustrated by Lack of Incendiary Nerf

Even though Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty Vanguard has been launched, multiplayer players are still dropping in to voice their dissatisfaction with the controversial Incendiary Grenade that made its debut at Season 1. Sledgehammer Games reduced the damage output of the Grenade in the patch notes mid-season update. This was much to the delight of the community.

The Grenade does not do as much damage now as it did before. However, many other incendiary-related problems continue to plague Vanguard multiplayer. These include screen shake and visibility limitations that can affect players who are hit with the device.

Reddit user “ObamaFlows” posted a clip showing that Incendiary Grenades are still a problem in Vanguard multiplayer. Perk adjustments allow players to gain immunity to any fire, allowing them to move freely around the map and not be engulfed by constant fire.

One commenter stated that Vanguard is now unplayable due to visual issues. He claimed that players can “survive for a few seconds more before you burn out to death.” Incendiary nerf is one of many changes in Season 1 Reloaded. This update also saw the introduction of the submachine gun and the Isabella Operator from Taskforce Trident.

What is the Fix for Incendiary Grenades?

Sledgehammer Games already stated that it would continue to take further steps to integrate Incendiary Grenades with Vanguard’s equipment. It will be fascinating to see how the developer balances it, given that Perks already reduce fire damage.

You can find more Vanguard information at the Attack on Titan cross-over and all we know about Season 2.

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