TASM Writer Reacts To Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Finally Getting Praise

Spider-Man Finally Getting Praise

TASM Writer Reacts To Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Finally Getting Praise

James Vanderbilt, the screenwriter, reacts to the recent praise for Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Garfield returned to the role seven years after his last appearance with fellow cinematic Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland. Vanderbilt was responsible for Garfield’s portrayal in the Amazing Spider-Man duology.

Sony decided to reboot the movie series following Sam Raimi’s Marvel Comics superhero take. The result was The Amazing Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man2. This film followed Peter Parker as he navigated a darker world with villains hiding behind shadows and deep ties back to Peter’s history, far from Raimi’s colorful and sensationalized world. Although The Amazing Spider-Man was a great start, there were adverse reactions to confident story choices and loftier goals. This led to an MCU reboot with Holland as the web-slinger. Despite this, Garfield’s performance was fondly recalled and met with enthusiasm in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Talking exclusively regarding his work on Smash, Vanderbilt spoke about his writing of The Amazing Spider-Man and Holland’s portrayal. Vanderbilt praised Holland’s iteration and said he enjoyed watching how the character was handled in the MCU. Vanderbilt praised Garfield and said his casting was the best in The Amazing Spider-Man films. He also stated that watching the actor get praises and accolades for recent work felt special. You can see Vanderbilt’s complete response below.

“So strangely, I had written Spider-Man both for Tobey [Garfield] and Andrew [Garfield]. I love the way Tom [Holland] has used it and the MCU. It was so much fun to see this. Casting Andrew was the best thing that we did. He is a great actor and it’s amazing to see him get the praises and love he deserves. ”

Garfield said that he was honored to be asked to reprise Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige’s role and director Jon Watts. In a recent interview, Garfield mentioned that he was drawn to the older and more defeated Spider-Man as he interacts in this scene with his fellow Spider-Men. Garfield recently spoke out about his experience working with Holland and Maguire and said he was moved by chance to be a part of their cinematic live-action Spider-Man portrayals.

Garfield holds a special place inside the hearts of both those who were there and those behind it. Vanderbilt has praised Garfield’s performance during The Amazing Spider-Man duology. Even though there were rumors and leaks about his return that Garfield loved shutting down and denigrating, many fans anticipated seeing their Spider-Man for the last time after his series was cut short. Many hope Garfield’s Spider-Man is No Way Home return will be a success thanks to the praise of his fans and the people who worked with him on the Amazing Spider-Man.


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