Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Car Customization That Was Cut From The Game

Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Car Customization That Was Cut From The Game

Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Car Customization That Was Cut From The Game

The new Cyberpunk2077mod allows car customization, allowing players to select vehicle variants. This feature was removed from the original game. The Cyberpunk2077modding group is very active, adding new features and systems to the game a year after launch. Some mods are simple, such as the Cyberpunk2077grappling hook, allowing V to swing like Spider-Man. Others are more complex. A talented modder created a metro system last month. This feature was well-marketed but never made it into the final game.

Cyberpunk2077 has been highly praised for its compelling storyline, open world, and memorable characters, despite its poor launch and poor last-gen console build. Cyberpunk2077 was the most-played Steam game in 2021, despite not being a nominee for GOTY 2021. This is remarkable considering the harsh criticism CD Projekt Red has received since 2020’s launch and the fact that most of Cyberpunk2077’s free DLC was not available until 2022. Some RPG enthusiasts are still giving Cyberpunk2077 a chance, jumping into Night City despite its bugs – and some are even making improvements to their own.

Nexus Mods user Cyberpunk 2077 mod (via PCGamesN ).adds car customization. This is a feature that CD Projekt Red removed from the original game. LemurLord’s Vehicle Modifier allows players to select the vehicle they want. Once a car has been collected, players have the option to swap its layout using a variety of options available in Night City. This mod displays the vast selection of available skins and applies them to the vehicle each time it is summoned. LemurLord’s Vehicle Customizer can only be used with Cyber Engine Tweaks mods.

Although the Forza car customization is not as extensive, the Cyberpunk2077mod offers a wide range of skins for every car in the game. There are 54 vehicles in total, including the Archer Quartz vehicle added to Cyberpunk2077’s patch 1.3. Both fast vehicles like the Quadra Type66 640 TS and heavy-hitters like the Thorton Mackinaw Larimore. There are many versions of most of these cars found around Night City. V can still collect them all, but there is no way to alter their appearances once they’ve been collected. Only that specific skin will be available once V has made the purchase. LemurLord’s Vehicle Customization mod makes this possible, giving V access to many skin options for each car he collects.

Modders can build on the foundation that developers have laid. Although not as exciting as the Luke Ross VR mod for Cyberpunk 7, the vehicle customization mod does improve the game’s quality and adds more options to the RPG. V now has to choose a suitable ride for them.





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