God Of War PC Devs Want Players To Mod Without Official Support

God Of War PC Devs Want Players To Mod Without Official Support

God Of War PC Devs Want Players To Mod Without Official Support

2018’s God of War was recently released on PC. The mythic game’s creators seem to be looking forward to fan-made mods. Kratos, the series’ protagonist, takes part in an epic action game that sees him and his son Atreus travel through Norse mythology. Review of God of War on Computer deems the recent rerelease worthy. The title’s graphics have been enhanced to better suit more powerful computers.

Santa Monica Studios’ brutal hack-and-slash series is getting a new start with 2018’s God of War. It details Kratos’ emotional journey through The Nine Realms. The former Greek God of War must confront his past and face his prophetic future. The game was a massive success on the PlayStation 4 and PC, but God of War has many improvements, including Nvidia DLSS support and Reflex support, enhanced shadows, and improved reflections. God of War Mods was not supported by the latest release. However, many fans will be able to modify the beloved title independently.

Despite God of War’slack of mod support, an interview by Game Informer revealed that the game’s developers are open to seeing fan-made creations. Matt DeWald, Senior Manager of Technical Production, and Cory Barlog, Creative Director of God of War, explained to Game Informer that mod support would be challenging due to the unique tools used in crafting it. Barlog and DeWald both hope to see the changes made by skilled modders. The Creative Director expressed his love of mods by citing Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V, which have grown over time due to fan support.

God of War is a straightforward story about a father-son relationship. However, the game has some light-hearted moments thanks to Brok, Sindri, and Mimir. PC mods God of War could easily add humor to the experience by introducing unfitting elements into the somber Norse adventure. Many fans would like to see crossovers between properties. Kratos could use a lightsaber from Star Wars or transform into Mario, the Nintendo mascot. Fans could create less ridiculous mods by adding new weapons and enemy types to the action.

God of War’scomplex design rendered official mod support impossible. However, the game’s fans will embrace the challenge and make exciting modifications. Mods could make the most of the iconic title’s memorable characters and locations. God of War Mods will be more familiar with the support of Cory Barlog, Matt DeWald, and other fan-made creations.




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