Here’s when Rainbow Six Extraction unlocks in your timezone

We are nearing the Rainbow Six Extraction unlock time, which will allow the R6 operators to escape into containment zones throughout the United States. R6 Extraction was a pleasant surprise for us, even though Left 4 Dead-inspired co-op shooters surround it. Here’s the information you need about preloading and unlock times for Extraction if you have already committed to it.

Rainbow Six Extraction preloading has begun for PC players on the Ubisoft Connect App and Epic Games Store. You can start the 85GB download right away if you wish. Although Extraction will be available on PC Game Pass on January 20, it is not available for preload.

Here are the times that the Rainbow Six Extraction unlocks according to time zones:

Unlock Rainbow Six Extract times

Rainbow Six Extraction will not be launching simultaneously globally.

Ubisoft has announced in its tweet that Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on January 20 at midnight in the Americas. Midnight launches in other regions are consolidated to the CET/AEDT timezones. Below is how to unlock times are broken down for different cities.

New York, January 20, 12:00 ET

Los Angeles, January 20, 12 am PT

London, January 19, 2011, at 11:59 GMT

Melbourne: January 20, 12 am AEDT

Even if your PC is not the most powerful, there’s good news: Rainbow Six Extraction’s requirements are not too demanding. It would help if you could handle Extraction with a smaller GPU and RAM machine.

Extraction also offers a buddy system. Each copy of the game includes two game tokens, which give you and your friend access for 14 days. Ubisoft has just made it clear that the buddy pass system will not be available at launch. This is to ensure that all players have access to the game. Ubisoft states that eliminating barriers to playing with friends and being “dedicated” to launching your two friend invitations very soon, but it does not specify when.

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