Luke Skywalker Should’ve Known Better Than Repeating Yoda’s Mistakes

Luke Skywalker Should've Known Better Than Repeating Yoda's Mistakes

Luke Skywalker Should’ve Known Better Than Repeating Yoda’s Mistakes.

Luke Skywalker, the greatest Star Wars hero, believed that he had failed Yoda towards the end of his life. Emperor Palpatine believed he had destroyed Jedi following Order 66. Darth Vader, his Inquisitors, and any survivors were decimated while the Empire erased all the Order’s history records. The Jedi returned despite this, thanks to Luke Skywalker, who was trained under Obi-Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda and set about re-establishing their Order.

It’s history that Luke’s Jedi Order fell apart. Palpatine, who had resurrected from the dead, manipulated Luke’s nephew Ben Solo into the dark side and transformed him into Kylo Ren. The Jedi Temple was left vulnerable by the confrontation between Luke Skywalker and Ben. The Emperor destroyed Temple with Force Storm, killing nearly all Luke’s students and transforming a handful of survivors into Kylo Ren. Luke Skywalker, devastated, fled to Ach-To to find a place to live, and the Jedi could join him.

Luke’s error seems to be rooted in his devotion to Master Yoda. Kristin Baver’s biography about the Skywalkers, Skywalker, A Family At War suggests that Luke was too reverent towards his former teachers. Luke’s respectful attitude to them was a source of conflict between Luke, Ben, and long before the shadows of the dark side shrouded Kylo Ren. ” To hear Luke speak about Master Yoda is to witness pure reverence. In Charles Soule’s Star Wars #20, Luke visits a planet rich with the Force, where he learns Yoda had a limited view of the Jedi. He appears to have preferred Yoda’s view of the Jedi over his own.

Yoda was holding the Jedi back. The Star Wars by Lucasfilm has provided a glimpse into the galaxy 200 years before the events of Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace. This was when each Jedi had their relationship with the Force. Yoda’s view of the Force was dominant until the prequel trilogy, which was a central part of Jedi thought. Unfortunately, Luke’s final apprentice was taught the same view Yoda had. It would have been understandable if Luke had only experienced this. However, the comic shows that Luke could have learned much more from his mystical experiences with the Force and the ancient Jedi texts that he found that predated Master Yoda.

Star Wars tie-ins have shown that the first Jedi did not serve the light. They were instead agents of balance, as shown in the Ahch-To temple mural of the Prime Jedi. Luke, the Chosen One’s son, should have been an agent for balance. However, Yoda taught him that this was not the role he chose. It is a shame Luke didn’t look beyond Yoda. Perhaps his reformed Jedi would have had a better chance of winning when Palpatine, the greatest villain in Star Wars, returned.

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