Moon Knight vs. The Batman Is The First Real Marvel vs. DC Battle Of 2022

Moon Knight vs. The Batman Is The First Real Marvel vs. DC Battle Of 2022

Moon Knight vs. The Batman Is The First Real Marvel vs. DC Battle Of 2022

Marvel Studios and DC Films will go head-to head in 2022. Moon Knight versus The Batman is The First No-Holds-Barred Match of 2022. Both Warner Bros. and Disney have recovered from the disruptions of the past two years. Discovery is determined to get back on track after the disruptions of the last two years. Spider-Man – No Way Home’s box-office success has proven that superhero fatigue is still a myth. Both studios are now focusing on the superhero genre.

It feels like 2022 is the year that the greatest comic book-versus-comic book-match ever took place. DC versus Marvel. Both comic book publishers have enjoyed a friendly rivalry for years, with artists and writers moving between them. Sometimes, their relations have been so good that they have published crossover stories, such as the DC Versus Marvel miniseries from 1996. Comics have become the inspiration for many popular movies and TV shows. Fans are eager to compete to see the most successful movie or TV series.

The big screen has received the most attention, especially since both Marvel Studios and DC Films seem to be exploring the multiverse. They even use it for a similar story purpose, including bringing back old versions of characters like Spider-Man and Batman. However, a rivalry has emerged between the first Moon Knight trailer and the MCU Disney+ TV series of 2022. It’s time to battle the Moon Knight.

In March 2022, The Batman and Moon Knight will both be released.
The Moon Knight and Batman match are due to a scheduling quirk that Disney is undoubtedly conscious of. The Batman will be released on March 4, 2022. Marketing is selling the new Dark Knight, played by Robert Pattinson. Batman was given breathing room by Marvel’s changes to its film schedule. Doctor Strange, Multiverse of Madness was delayed to avoid worrying about a major Marvel movie being released just a few weeks later. Disney has confirmed that there will be MCU content in March 2022. Moon Knight will air its first episode on Disney+ on March 30. This is great timing because the show will air over Easter. It’s also worth noting that Moon Knight places a strong emphasis on death and resurrection. The versus match is certainly not a coincidence.


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