Breath Of The Wild Guardian Tumbles Down Several Cliffs After Death

Breath Of The Wild Guardian Tumbles Down Several Cliffs After Death

Breath Of The Wild Guardian Tumbles Down Several Cliffs After Death

It is not easy to defeat a Guardian in The Legend Of Zelda. Now, one player has been able to send the Guardian rolling down many hills into the abyss below. Link is often confronted with these giant, squid-like automatons as he tries to save Calamity Ganon and reunite the ancient Champions of Hyrule. Although originally created to protect Hyrule’s future, the Guardians have been corrupted by Calamity Ganon and use their laser blasts to destroy anyone and everything in their path.

Although the Guardians are a powerful enemy in The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of Wild they have their flaws. Link can damage the Guardian’s eye with his trusted arrows before it fires its deadly laser. Guardians are particularly vulnerable to magical weapons such as the Master Sword or Ancient Arrows. Some players have found certain tricks that make it impossible to take down Guardians. One is the Major Test of Strength Shrine in that makes it impossible for them to attack Link inside, while another completely neutralizes their colossal machine.

Reddit user Nokrow889 did not use these tricks to defeat a Guardian in a session The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The wild. However, the way they ended up defeating the giant enemy is noteworthy. A gameplay clip posted by nokrow889 to shows Link locked in a fight against the Guardian high above Eldin Canyon. He finally wins. The Guardian is flipped over, and it tumbles into the Canyon’s bottom river. It explodes immediately upon impact. Although the Guardian’s long, almost comical descent is amusing, nokrow889 can’t retrieve the Guardian parts that were left behind by their death.

The Legend Of Zelda – Breath Of The Wild’slarge, unpredictable open world has seen many strange and unexpected in-game events. Players have been recording them and sharing them with their friends on social media. These include clever tricks like acquiring the Master Sword sooner than expected, setting up a campfire for the night, or tricking the thieving Yiga Clan to steal ancient treasure from their base. Some are the result of BOTW’sAI. For example, sheep gather under trees during a storm. Even Link’s enemies can join in the fun. Hyrule’s hero teaches an reptilian Lizaflos how to play Soccer using one of his Remote Bombs, or trapping a Lynel using a few Cryonis Runes.

Guardians also have this principle. Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of the Wildplayers used the same Cryonis Runes for sending the mechs flying into the air. Nokrow889 sent one of the Guardians plunging into a muddy abyss. These little moments add to the entertainment value of The Legend Of Zelda, even as Nintendo works on its untitled sequel.



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