Fallout 76 Players Discover Unlimited Jetpack Glitch During New Event

Fallout 76 Players Discover Unlimited Jetpack Glitch During New Event

Fallout 76 Players Discover Unlimited Jetpack Glitch During New Event

One player discovered a glitch that allowed them to use their in-game jetpack multiple times for unpredicted heights during ‘s new Invaders From Beyond event. The latest season of Fallout 76 was launched last month. It allows players to create a war machine and recruit intergalactic villains to defeat Dr. Zorbo and his arch-nemesis Captain Cosmos. Season 7 offers a range of seasonal events, weekly and daily challenges, special content and new allies for the post-apocalyptic Appalachia.

Fallout76 was launched in 2018. It introduced multiplayer to Bethesda’s long-running Flashback series. However, the title was plagued by numerous controversies, a poor launch, and an unresponsive live-service. Bethesda attempted to revive the game by fixing ongoing problems with minor patches. Then, it released larger updates to attract players back and expand its community. Fallout76’s first major update was Wastelanders. This updated almost a thousand bugs, overhauled the experience, introduced NPCs and reintroduced dialog tree from Fallout. The Legendary Run followed Wastelanders, which added seasons to the title and offered players an in-game progression system that included similar rewards to other online battle passes.

Tweeted by user InnovSurvivalist A clip showing what appears to an obscure glitch that completely transforms jetpacks allows players to reach unimaginable heights with unlimited usage. The clip shows the user taking on enemies during the Invaders From Beyond event, before using the jetpack for safety. However, the jetpack allows the user to fly at three times the normal height. This confuses them. Although they have never encountered the glitch, the user claims that they were aware of its existence and wondered if there was a server lag problem. Although it is not known if the glitch is a regular one, others have confirmed it as a common occurrence during events and some players have reached the clouds using the glitch.
Glitches played an important part in Bethesda Game Studio’s history. Bethesda’s games are known for having bugs and glitches because of the obsolete Gamebryo engine. These bugs can be amusing, and sometimes even charming, but they have been a source of many problems for players in Fallout76. These include randomly disappearing C.A.M.Ps and game crashes due to random actions like eating or drinking through the pipboy.

Glitches are mostly coding errors. The more complex the games, the more difficult it is to find and fix them. The jetpack glitch is a fun addition to Fallout76, but it’s possible that it will be fixed in the future. If you are interested in a greater adventure, it is worth trying to duplicate the glitch as soon as possible. The next Fallout76 update may be just around the corner.




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