Halo Infinite Promises Changes To Microtransaction System

Halo Infinite Promises Changes To Microtransaction System

Halo Infinite Promises Changes To Microtransaction System

According to a recent statement, the Halo Infinite will be seeing significant changes to its ingame marketplace. Infiniteis a new Halofranchise game that features a free-to play multiplayer component. As such, it relies on microtransactions as well as resellable Battle Passes in order to stay profitable. This has been criticized by Halofans.

Halo Infinite offers a large open-world campaign that tells the story of Master Chief. However, the fan-favorite multiplayer part is free to play. While this is not what many had hoped for after Infinite was revealed, it has been a great success with both veterans and newcomers. Although Infinite’s core gameplay is more polished and refined than ever before, some gamers have expressed concerns about the progression system for multiplayer. EXP can be earned much too slowly, which is compounded by the fact that EXP cannot be tied to performance but is instead awarded after completing certain challenges. 343 Industries developer has been working to improve the system but it’s still not what many fans expected.

According to tweets by Jerry Hook , Head of Design at 343 Industries, more changes are coming to the in-game progress and unlockables. Hook stated that the development team has been closely monitoring the discussions about the in-game store and will make adjustments over the coming weeks. Hook stated that the main goal of the initiative was to lower prices, offer better value and offer more items, independent of bundles. These changes will start rolling out starting Tuesday.

The concept of microtransactions is not well-respected by the gaming community. Halo Infinite has plenty. Some fans will be pleased by the cost reductions. It seems that consumers should also have the option to split up bundles and pick and choose what they spend their money. Hook’s comments will undoubtedly cause a lot of ire from players.

These players might be right. It’s possible that the controversy surrounding the Battle Pass progression can be attributed to Microsoft’s desire and 343 Industries’ desire for players to shop in the in-game store. This is an alternative to the grind-heavy traditional progression. If 343 Industries can encourage players to buy microtransactions, and offer better value, it could lead to a better Battle Pass.




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