Batman’s New Robin Is What He Always Needed – A Supernatural Detective

Batman's New Robin Is What He Always Needed - A Supernatural Detective

Batman’s New Robin Is What He Always Needed – A Supernatural Detective

Batman has once again found a new Robin. This time, she is the sidekick he needs to be a supernatural detective. This story can be found in Batman #119. It was written, drawn and letteredby Karl Kerschl, with John Rauch coloring.

Mia Mizoguchi is her sidekick. She is also known as Maps because she excels in cartography. Her first appearance was back in Gotham Academy #1 in 2014. Maps primarily stays with the YA Gotham Academy series. She usually conducts investigations together with her friends, the Detective Club. Maps wears a Robin costume to work alone as she attempts to figure out why one of her classmates went missing.

Maps discovers many mysteries that are supernatural. This makes her the perfect Robin for Batman. While most of the Robins’ skills are physical, Batman is one of the DC Universe’s most experienced fighters. Batman has the technical expertise to match Tim Drake’s hacking skills. Bruce Wayne’s lack of belief and knowledge in the supernatural is due to his technological expertise. Batman even failed to learn magic properly from Zatanna, her father, as shown in Flashback in Detective Comics 959. Although the threat is not fully revealed, Batman is attacked and killed by ghoulish beings, which places this story in supernatural territory.

Maps, who made a Robin costume from scratch, is obsessed with Batman. He hopes to become an official Robin one day. Becky Cloonan, Maps’ co-creator, helped to push this dream forward. She wore a Maps-inspired Robin costume in the Batcave of Future Stat: Wonder Woman. This suggests that she might one day be Robin.

This is not the first story about Maps and Batman working together, but it is an important one. Batman Black & White vol. #3 #4 contains a short story called “The Davenport House”, which features Maps as Robin. Although it’s not clear how or why Maps is Robin the story does feature ghosts which supports the theory that Maps could help the Caped Crusader in the areas of the occult. They even have a similar exchange, with Maps getting excited about ghosts and Batman dismissing their existence. An ending suggests that Batman will face more supernatural threats in Chapter 3. He’ll be happy to have a Robinlike map by his side.


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