HIMYF: Who We Think The Father Is

HIMYF: Who We Think The Father Is

HIMYF: Who We Think The Father Is

One obvious question arises with the debut of How I Met Your Father. This spin-off from How I Met Your Mother is long awaited. The How You Met Your Mother finale featured Tracy McConnell, Tracy McConnell’s mother. This led to the controversial How I Met Your Mother series finale. How You Met Your Father is however taking a different approach towards the mystery titular identity.

Episode 1 How I Met Your Father The show introduces a wide range of characters that revolve around Sophie (Hilary Duff). The episode ends with Kim Cattrall, Sophie in 2050 explaining that she met her father that night. How to Meet Your Father doesn’t clarify the father’s identity in the opening episode. However, flashes of four men that she met that night are shown on screen while she speaks. They are Sid (Suraj Singh), Jesse (Christopher Lowell), Ian, Daniel Augustin, and Charlie (Tom Ainsley).

As it seems likely that one of these four men will become the father, it is safe to assume. Although any one of them could become How You Met Your Father’s dad, Christopher Lowell’s Jesse seems the most likely. He is clearly defined, has a stronger connection to Sophie and is working through his own cynicism regarding love following a breakup. This will allow for some interesting storytelling. All three of the other possibilities have properties that make them unlikely to be the father in How You Met Your Father.

Sid is mentioned as an option in the final scenes. This seems odd considering that How You Met Your Father episode one includes his proposal to Hannah (Ashley Reyes). Although the relationship may be difficult due to distance, the relationship and individuals involved appear to have been set up in a parallel to Marshall from How You Met Your Mother. They even share the same apartment. The writers of How I Met Your Father don’t seem to want to break up the couple, as Marshall and Lily were such a central part of the original show. Sid and Sophie are not able to interact in the first episode, with Jesse the most focused.

Although Sophie’s How to Meet Your FatherTinder date is suggested, Ian seems like a promising choice. However, there are still reasons why Ian seems like an unlikely father. Ian is presented as a perfect match for Sophie from the beginning. It’s so difficult to create an engaging narrative around him. The only How You Met Your Father problem for Sophie is his move to Australia. This makes him an extremely difficult character to use in the series. If he is absent, viewers will be more inclined to choose a relationship that has more onscreen chemistry. Charlie appears in How You Met Your Father’s episode 1, but he seems unlikely to be the father, as he is currently seeing Sophie’s best friend. His character is almost exclusively comic relief. It is most likely that How You Met Your Father Jesse is the dad.



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