Why So Many DCEU Villains Are Aliens

Why So Many DCEU Villains Are Aliens

Why So Many DCEU Villains Are Aliens

Each hero in the DC Extended Universe has an opposite villain. But why are so many villains aliens, and not just human ones? Although it may seem that DC’s heroes are free of extraterrestrial antagonists, the DCEU has many alien villains.

The DCEU canon explicitly acknowledges the existence aliens in its universe. Most of these are highlighted with explicit importance. Man of Steel Superman and his rival from the Kryptonian world, General Zod. The film Justice League featured Steppenwolf and the Parademons. The Suicide Squad presents Starro, a gigantic starfish-looking alien. After The Suicide Squad was spun off, the Peacemaker series introduces human-possessing Butterflies.

Although each alien acts as a villain in their own way, their motivations can be as diverse as the species they are. Some aliens threaten Earth because of their own individual motivations. Zod arrives on Earth to seek revenge and rebuild Kryptonian home. He also wants to kill Superman. Darkseid sends his armies in preparation for Earth’s conquering. He has previously failed to do this and may have been driven out of trauma. While antagonistic aliens may not be necessarily evil in nature, they are often used as tools by evil humans. Starro, for example, was made a monster by the US government and went on an escape-driven rampage. Although the motivations of the Butterflies in Peacemaker are unknown, their comic-book counterparts tried to live peacefully among humans. Some outside influence could be using the Butterflies to carry out evil purposes, as shown in DCEU.

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In other DCEU projects, alien activity was also implied. The Green Lantern Corps was involved in the war against Darkseid. Although mainly composed of heroic aliens the Corps has a distinct and immense power. The Superman-killing Doomsday is not an alien, but a monster made of alien matter and given the ability to live by a Kryptonian. The DCEU’s most powerful source of power is not from Earth worlds– . The other source of power is DC’s earthly gods. These gods, if DCEU follows Marvel’s guidelines, may actually be otherworldly. Strangely, the DCEU’s alien villains are not often motivated to find Earth’s power resources. It seems that aliens are brought to Earth more often by humans looking for new power.

While the DCEU has many villainous aliens, it is evident that not all of them are evil. Most often, their terror is due to human involvement. Superman brought Zod to Earth, and the vacuum of weakness that was left by the hero invited Darkseid. Starro and possibly the Butterflies were manipulated by humans to do evil, causing the other major aliens of the DCEU to become villains. Many villains are found in the . Some of them were chosen or forced to do evil, while others happen to be aliens.


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