My Hero Academia Finally Admits Its Heroes Are As Bad As All For One

My Hero Academia Finally Admits Its Heroes Are As Bad As All For One

My Hero Academia Finally Admits Its Heroes Are As Bad As All For One

My Hero Academia fandom began to speculate that Deku might have an ulterior motive and be as evil as the All For One villain. But hero professor Shota Aizawa just cast aside all doubt.

Chapter 340, which has not been released in English by Viz Media yet, shows Aizawa trying to get to understand how Yuga feels about his whole unfortunate predicament, particularly about him fighting against All For One. Aizawa tells Yuga that he must fight alongside them, even though he prefers to disappear. Then he makes his shocking statement. Aizawa, most likely a hero society, admits that they are no more than All For One because they use him as a pawn to their selfish interests. Aizawa is a different kind of villain because he would prefer Yuga not to live with regret for the rest of his life.

Many fans were convinced that Deku had only forgiven Yuga to allow All For One to use him as a double. It was Katsuki Bakugo’s shortcomings. Bakugo thought that Deku was telling Yuga why he could forgive him. It’s all there now! It was all there. Deku had already shown that he could forgive traitors, including Lady Nagant. Despite being hunted down by Lady Nagant, Deku still saw some goodness in her. Deku told Yuga that he doesn’t believe someone should be called a villain because of one mistake.

Aizawa’s demands for Yuga to fight are part of his plan. Deku had originally presented his case for Yuga and was then asked if he had any suggestions on moving forward. He didn’t. This is how the anti-Paranormal Liberation Front Task Force accepted Aizawa’s plan. Deku had admitted that he didn’t know what to do, and Aizawa came along with his idea. Based on Chapter 340’s recent events, it appears that what Aizawa said to the task force did indeed include Yuga. He is currently trying to convince the traitor not to disappear. When Aizawa claims that ” We’re not different from All For One,” it is most likely that ” they” don’t contain Deku. Deku doesn’t have the dark plan to make Yuga a pawn. It’s Aizawa.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised that heroes behave exactly like All For One. As My Hero Academia has shown, Lady Nagant was not motivated by the heroic actions of her fellow heroes. Aizawa can acknowledge his flaws and those of heroes and his own.


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