The X-Men Still Haven’t Solved Kate Pryde’s Greatest Mystery

The X-Men Still Haven't Solved Kate Pryde's Greatest Mystery

The X-Men Still Haven’t Solved Kate Pryde’s Greatest Mystery

The first issue of the Marauders relaunch in Marvel Comics features Kate Pryde being unable use Krakoan portals. These portals were made for mutants and the mystery behind why Kate Pryde cannot use them has not been solved yet by the X-Men. Marauders are on the verge of acquiring an all-new creative staff, but not before the original one possibly addresses the greatest mystery yet. This mystery is revealed in a preview of the Marauders new book. It could be the last act of the original writers and artists before they depart the series.

The Marauders comic book series’ new creative team will be taking over with Steve Orlando and Eleonora Cartlini on March 30, but the original team still has some loose ends. Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto and Matteo Lolli were the original writers and artists behind Marauders. While they have left unanswered questions about Kate Pryde’s access to Krakoa, the preview of one of their last issues might provide some clarity.

The preview of Marauders #27 was posted by Multiversity Comics. Kate talks to Forge about her mystery inability use Krakoan Portals. Forge says that he does not know why portals won’t work for Kate in the preview. This is just to emphasize the complexity of the situation. Forge remarks on Kate’s mutant ability of phasing through any object she encounters. He says, ” You’ve disrupted all technology you’ve ever encountered, except this one – that has disrupted your.”

The preview ends with Forge making that statement. Fans are left wondering if he can figure out why Kate cannot use the portals in this issue or future issues. This mystery was first presented on Marauders 1. It seemed that it would be the main storyline, but it has not been touched upon since. It is possible that Kate’s Krakoan Gate mystery will be solved in the final issue of one of the original creative teams’ issues, but that is not a certainty.

If Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto fail to answer the question, it will be up Steve Orlando and Eleonora Carrlini to make it happen for them. Although it is possible, it does not seem likely. The uniqueness of the mystery gives the impression that Duggan and Lolli had a clear reason to create the struggle for Kate. It will likely result in a satisfying reward. While the X­Men have yet to solve Kate Pryde’s greatest mystery, it is possible that the mystery will be solved before the current creative team has finished the book.


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