Gotham Knights Developer Job Listing Hints At Possible Superman Game

Gotham Knights Developer Job Listing Hints At Possible Superman Game

Gotham Knights Developer Job Listing Hints At Possible Superman Game

Fans are once more curious about whether Warner Bros. Montreal is currently working on a AAA Superman title after a recent job posting. In the coming years, DC Comics will release several highly anticipated and promising video games, including Rockstar’s suicide squad: Kill The Justice League, Shadow Of Mordordeveloper Monolith Studio Wonder Woman and Warner Bros. Montreal Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights is a kind of reboot to Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed Batmanseries. Players will take on the roles of Batgirl (Tim Drake), Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin as they unite to defend Gotham City following the apparent death of the Dark Knight.

Recent social media posts, as well as job listings that date back to the summer 2021 suggest that WB Montreal is currently working on another DC-based videogame. Although it isn’t clear which DC Comics hero or team this game will be inspired by, many fans speculate on the mystery behind this WB Montreal project. Some believe Robin’s participation in Gotham Knightswill result in Robin branching out into a standalone Teen Titansgame. Others wonder if Montreal is creating the triple-A Superman title that many fans of the Man Of Steel are hoping for.

GamesRadar reports that Warner Bros. Montreal has posted a job listing for a Senior Gamesplay AI Programmer on its official website. Although the specific project the new programmer would be working on was not revealed, the job description mentions a new AAA title. This leads many to believe that this is the same program as the one listed in the previous leaks. Twitter user Faizan Shah first posted the WB Montreal job posting on his Twitter page. This leads to speculation about whether the Man Of Tomorrow will fly in his own title.

Superman has been successful in several games, including NetherRealm’s Injusticeseries. However, his solo gaming efforts have not been well received by fans. Although there have been numerous attempts to bring Superman’s vast powers to gaming, most of the titles that have come to mind are the Superman returnstie in game and the Superman64. A former developer from Factor 5 recently shared gameplay footage from , a canceled title Superman Blue Steel. This open-world title would have featured large-scale battles between Superman, Doomsday, and other legendary foes such as Darkseid. Blue Steel was canceled by publisher Brash Entertainment in 2009. Since then, fans have only had access to custom-built mods and fan demos in Unreal Engine 5.

It’s worth mentioning that Warner Bros. Montreal still hasn’t confirmed that the next game after Gotham Knights will be a Superman title, but fans have been eagerly awaiting a standalone Superman title. The Arkhamseries has already been a huge success and Wonder Woman is set to get her own big game, so it could be the right time for Batman to take to the skies with a new triple A action title.


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