Pikmin Bloom Community Day Issues Step Challenge To Start Off 2022

Pikmin Bloom Community Day Issues Step Challenge To Start Off 2022

Pikmin Bloom Community Day Issues Step Challenge To Start Off 2022

Pikmin Bloom will hold its first community day in 2022 this month. It has announced a 10,000-step challenge. Pikmin Bloom was released last October on Android and iOS. It is the latest AR game by Pokémon GO developers Niantic and the latest in the studio’s ongoing partnership with Nintendo. It is more casual than Pokemon Go, as it emphasizes walking or counting steps and collecting Pikmin along its way. This makes it an ideal game for regular joggers or walkers.

The previous community day for the game, held in December last year, was available for 24 hours. This is a significant change from Pokémon GO’s community events, which are scheduled at a specific time. After Pikmin Bloom ‘s November first community day , players suggested that the day’s duration be changed. This change was made in order to allow players to complete the 10,000-step challenge on community day.

GameStop reports on the Pikmin Bloom community event, set for January 22, 2022. It will run for 24 hours, just like December’s community-day. Pikmin Bloom will again challenge players to walk 10,000 steps during this month’s community days. If they succeed, they will receive a Camellia Flower Badge. The theme of January’s community day is camellia flowers. Big Flowers in the game can bloom into camellias when blue, yellow or white petals are placed around them. Players will also have the opportunity to get fruits containing camellia honey after completing the day’s challenges. Players will receive two times the coins for planting 250 flowers in the planter pack.

The majority of the Pikmin Bloom January community days’ bonuses and challenges can be done at home. However, players who live in new COVID-19 lockdown areas will find it difficult to complete the 10,000-step challenge. Some of the game’s features can be accomplished at home such as Expeditions. However, others that require players to go outside to complete may prove more challenging without posing a risk to their health.

It is difficult to walk 10,000 steps in one day, so it’s even more difficult for people who are ill. Pikmin Bloom is a game that focuses on walking, so it will be difficult for Niantic find other ways for players to have fun with the game.



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