Ubisoft’s New VR Game Lets You Save Notre-Dame From Fire

Ubisoft's New VR Game Lets You Save Notre-Dame From Fire

Ubisoft’s New VR Game Lets You Save Notre-Dame From Fire

A new virtual reality game by Ubisoft will immerse players into the devastating Notre-Dame de Paris fire. In April 2019, the iconic Catholic cathedral was set on fire by a fire that caused its spire to fall and extensive damage to its roof. Assassin’s Creed Unity’sdetailed Notre-Dame reconstruction was very authentic. Ubisoft donated money and shared their research in order to assist with the rebuilding of the cathedral.

The Notre-Dame cathedral, which was built in large part in 1260 has been a French landmark that has endured a long history. Although the gothic architectural masterpiece suffered extensive damage during the French Revolution it was still in use for Napoleon’s coronation in 1804. Popular culture has made the cathedral a staple, especially thanks to Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel The Hunchback at Notre-Dame and its animated Disney version in 1996. Many gamers have recreated Notre-Dame’s splendor, and the 2019 fire has only added to their popularity. One Valheimplayer built a massive Notre-Dame cathedral to pay homage to the landmark. The game’s frame rate dropped to 12 frames per second due to the structure’s sheer size and detail.

According to Variety Ubisoft’s upcoming virtual reality game will allow players to experience Notre-Dame’s devastating fire. Based on Jean-Jacques Annaud’s upcoming documentary, which shares the title Notre-Dame on Fire , The one-hour experience will have players playing the role of a Parisian firefighter during the 2019 tragedy. VR Escape Game allows players to work together with their teammates to solve puzzles, locate relics, and fight fire against the clock. Ubisoft offers a VR escape game. Notre-Dame on Fire Developed using Annaud’s docudrama script. The VR title will be an original adaptation. Ubisoft does not specify which virtual reality platforms. Notre-Dame on Fire The film and the game will be released on March 20, 2022.
Notre-Dame-on-Fire won’t be Ubisoft’s first reconstruction of Paris’ majestic cathedral. It will also not be the company’s first virtual reality project. Far Cry VR was released in 2021 by Ubisoft. It is a location-based VR game that places gamers face to face with Far Cry 3’siconic villain Vaas. At Zero Latency VR facilities, up to eight players can enter the Rook Islands to fight vicious pirates. Although the VR experience was not made available to commercial VR headsets at this time, it shows Ubisoft’s interest and commitment to immersive technology.

Ubisoft, a French-based gaming company, has contributed a lot to Paris’ Notre-Dame restoration efforts. Ubisoft’s recreation of the cathedral in Assassin’s Creed Unityenabled gamers to visit the historic landmark after the fire. Notre-Dame on Firewill allow for an immersive experience of the event. The virtual reality experience will be a true love letter to Notre-Dame, in honor of the firefighters who responded to the emergency.




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