Kang Has The Infinity Gauntlet (But He Won’t Use It Like Thanos)

Kang Has The Infinity Gauntlet (But He Won't Use It Like Thanos)

Kang Has The Infinity Gauntlet (But He Won’t Use It Like Thanos)

Marvel Comics’ legendary villain Kang was born through superior intellect and indomitable willpower. Kang doesn’t see true power the same way Thanos does. He wants unlimited power and will use every tool at his disposal in order to obtain it.

In Savage Avengers #28, Patch Zircher shows Kang going back in time to see Conan the Barbarian train a young Kulan Gath. Gath was an evil wizard who threatened to destroy the world. The Savage Avengers stopped him. Kang wanted to go back in time to kill Kulan, but Conan chose to take Kulan under his wing. Conan succeeds in making sure Kulan is not a sorcerer. Kang tries to kill Conan because the barbarian could become a real threat.

Fans get to see Kang’s ship inside during his timestream trip. It is full of trophies that he has collected over the years. The Infinity Gauntlet is one of the artifacts Kang has collected. Instead of Kang using his incomparable power with the Infinity Gems, to conquer all known points of time simultaneously, without the need for any of his own technology at all, he uses it instead to hold a turkey leg that was part of the celebration feast hosted by the Savage Avengers. It is evident that Kang shows complete disrespect for a cosmic artifact that can make anyone a universal god.

Kang the Conqueror accomplished everything he set his mind to without any help from magic or other cosmically-powered artifacts. Kang’s timestream travels are made possible by technology he invented himself. Every weapon he uses in his quest to achieve the sinister goals he has set is also his original creation. Kang finds it offensive that someone could just pick up a tool that gave them unlimited power. Kang, as discussed in Timeless (from Jed Mackay and Kev Walker), Jay Leisten and Mark Bagley and Andrew Hennessy), is motivated by challenge and triumph and not the Infinity Gauntlet’s promise to instant godhood. This makes the Infinity Gauntlet’s promise that it will grant you unlimited power seem pointless at best and insulting at worst.

The biggest differences between Kang and Thanos are Kang’s inability to use the Infinity Gauntlet, and his blatant disrespect for it. Thanos is Marvel Comics’ most well-known character to have used the Gauntlet. The stark contrast between Kang and his is quite striking. Thanos believes he doesn’t have to invent his own means to conquer the world, but that he can use all of his resources to achieve his goal. Kang is more specific about his method, so even though Kang, the Conqueror does possess the Infinity Gauntlet HTML3, he won’t respect its power enough.


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