Star Wars Movies In Order Twitter Account Is A Must Follow

Star Wars Movies In Order Twitter Account Is A Must Follow

Star Wars Movies In Order Twitter Account Is A Must Follow

Twitter fan accounts are posting all Star Wars movie shots in order. Anyone who loves the Star Wars films must follow them. Star WA has been a cultural power ever since George Lucas directed A New Hope back in 1977. But it’s amazing to see how resilient it has been as a mainstay of pop culture. It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it, it is partly due to Disney’s 2012 purchase of Lucasfilm, which opened the door for many new projects within the Star Wars universe.

After producing five films in the same time period, Disney now focuses its attention on the TV side of Star Wars. The studio’s last film, 2019’s Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker was a controversial conclusion to the Skywalker story. It came after other polarizing efforts such as Star Wars and Star Wars Story. This only made it more difficult for fans to receive the film. Disney+ is currently airing The Book of Boba Fett . This will be the second live-action Star Wars program to be created in this new era.

No matter how you feel about the new Star Wars movies, there’s still a lot of love for the original Star Wars films. A new fan account, Star Wars shots In Order, is currently going through all the films in the franchise and posting every shot. The account was created in October 2021. It just finished Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace January 1, having posted 2,272 shots. It is currently in Star Wars Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones. Padme (Natalie Portman), who just joined Obi-Wan and the Jedi Council.

While there are many ways to view the Star Wars movies by fans, the shot-by-shot account follows the chronological approach. This means that the account will start with the prequel trilogy, rather than the original. As Disney was able two standalone films to bridge the gap between the trilogies, fans can expect to see Rogue One and solo.

It’s not yet clear if the Star Warsfan will also upload television shows such as The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. It seems unlikely that it will stick to the movies, given how much content it would entail. It took many months to watch one film. Attack of the Clones began right as 2022 did. However, the first scenes of the year are only three weeks old. This is still a fascinating project. This is one of the most unique ways fans have chosen Star Wars to interact with . Follow the account to see every movie shot by shot right from your Twitter feed.



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