DOOM Eternal Reveals Long-Anticipated DOOM 64 Marine Skin & Event

DOOM Eternal Reveals Long-Anticipated DOOM 64 Marine Skin & Event

DOOM Eternal Reveals Long-Anticipated DOOM 64 Marine Skin & Event

Developer id Software revealed SIXTY FORSAKEN as an in-game event for . This allows players to unlock cosmetics including the long-awaited DOOM64 Classic Marine skin. Dataminers discovered the DOOM 64 Marine, and Quake Ranger skins in DOOM Eternal in October. The Quake Ranger skin was released soon after the announcement of the Quake remaster. However, the HTML64 classic marine outfit remained absent, worrying many who hoped that the fan-favorite outfit would be made available.

Despite the campaign ending with its last expansion The Ancient Gods-Part 2 is still being updated with new in-game events and game modes. There are also unlockable Series-tier cosmetics packs that contain exclusive skins to allow players to personalize their Doom Slayer. DOOMEternal now offers more than 40 skins. These range from classic id Software homages to majestic armors and wacky outfits to classic id Software homages. Bethesda released cosmetic packs that could be purchased for players who missed out on certain skins. This was a great benefit for new players but it still caused controversy as id Software initially promised that it would not add microtransactions DOOM Eternal.

Officially announced by id software, SIXTY FORSAKEN is an in-game event that allows DOOMEternal players to unlock the DOOM64 Classic Marine Master Collection as well as many other cosmetics. Players can now complete campaign levels and participate in the online BATTLEMODE to earn XP that will unlock the new Master Collection. Players can now unlock the DOOM 64 Classic Marine Skin and the Tainted Marauder skins. Like previous Series events, SIXTY FORSAKEN will be available for a short time only. Players will need to start accumulating XP quickly, as the Master Collection won’t be reappear in the future.

DOOM 64 is a beloved classic in the DOM community. The Classic Marine skin is the most requested Doom Slayer skin ever since it was first released in 2020. DOOM Eternal was released in the same year that id Software revived DOOM 64. This revealed that a new remaster would soon be available for PC and modern consoles. The title feature featured 4K visuals and technical upgrades. A brand new chapter was added after the events in the original game. It tied directly into the story of DOOM (2016).

DOOM Eternal has now officially released one of the most requested skins.players can now unlock the Doom Slayer’s outfit before he was thrown into hell forever. It’s not known if another id Software homage skin might make an appearance. Players can still participate in the SIXTY FORSAKEN event to unlock the skin that was the most popularized DOOM 64.



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