Dying Light 2 Devs Promise 5 Years Of Support Post Launch

Dying Light 2 Devs Promise 5 Years Of Support Post Launch

Dying Light 2 Devs Promise 5 Years Of Support Post Launch

Fans have waited for the new open-world zombie action parkour game Living Light 2: Stay Human for many years. The game’s creator promises that the five-year wait will be worth it. DYING LIGHT was the sequel to the 2015 game. It is a first-person game with easy co-op multiplayer and smooth parkour gameplay. The game has been sold over 17 million copies since its release. It also added tons of content via DLC, turning the original Dying light into something more substantial.

Techland began slowly revealing more information about Dying light 2 in 2018 after it was first announced. It promises that the game’s large open-world map will be at least twice the size of the original game’s. Techland hopes to create a game in which players can make significant decisions that will impact the game’s events as well as the world around them. This will allow for branching stories and an ever-changing environment. The ambitious project has had its fair share of delays. Fans have been assured that their patience will be appreciated as Dying light 2 will take players 500 hours in order to see 100% of the game’s content. The game’s Twitter account revealed that developers may have more for Dying light 2 fans.

The Dying light 2 developers recently stated on the game’s twitter account that they plan to continue supporting and expanding the game for at least five more years. To ensure that Dying light 2 remains a proud Techland game, the team has promised to continue adding stories and locations to the game. To ensure that they don’t run out of things to do and collect, fans can expect special missions to be added to the game well after launch.

The gameplay and open world of Dying Light 2 : Stay Human shows how far the world of Dying Light have come since the original game. Players now have a paraglider and a grappling hook to help them scale the many buildings of the game and escape the undead. If all else fails, players can rely on Death Light 2’s brutal running dropkick attack. Techland will continue to support the game’s development. Players can provide feedback that can be used to improve the title’s gameplay and movement or any other issues they encounter.

The launch of the sequel to zombie parkour Dying Light2 is just weeks away after a few delays. Techland will load the game with hundreds of hours worth of content, despite the fact that the main quests can be completed within twenty hours. There are many areas for players to explore, and they can also collect items. This allows them to craft weapons and powerups that will help them defeat the Dying Light II’s new enemies as well as other infected enemies. Techland believes Death Light 2: Stay Human will be a game that will entertain for many years.



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